bedside lights (hard wired)

remodel-mamaMay 14, 2010

Hi all,

We are remodeling our master bedroom (adding a master bathroom). Since the walls are open and we are doing electrical we thought we would put in bedside lights on the wall on either side of the bed.

I started looking online for fixtures and was surprised to find that a lot of the hard wired bedside wall lamps are pretty expensive - $300 and even $400. I also didn't find much in terms of style that I liked. There seemed to be more options in terms of style and price range in plug-in bedside lamps.

Does anyone out there have hard wired bedside lamps that you are happy with that we more in the $100-$200 range? Or maybe someone can point me to a good source for wall lamps?


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Here's a good source of Swing Arm wall lamps

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I've been looking for the same thing so will be watching this post.
What kind of lighting is best for a reading light which is what I would be doing with out bedside swingarms?

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why can't you just hardwire your plug-ins for your bedside table lamps? My parents did that in their re-model and it is really cool. Same effect, much cheaper.


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Any wall mounted sconce(think hall fixtures) will suffice as well.

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In our last house we had 4 plug outlets put on both sides of our bed, The top corner plug wired to a lightswitch on either side. So to turn it off or on, just hit the switch instead of messing with the lamp. We loved it.

The plan was to find wall-mounted lamps, but everything I found was too flimsy, not enough wattage, etc. Or WAY TOO expensive. So I bought pretty matching lamps, 3-way, 150wts. This turned out to be our best choice because you can move it around better and get the light you need. Also, my husband wanted his light higher, so his lamp was placed on a few large books.

You can't get that kind of versitility with too many sconces or wall lamps!

And when the mood hits you to change things up, you just unplug, remove and replace vs. all the hard-wiring.

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Try amazon or your local store

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This is at Lamps Plus. It can be converted to hardwire, or left as a plug in. It is a dimmable lamp.

I cannot find the info right now on the similar lamps I bought which had a diffuser across the bottom so it would not let glare bother anyone. And there was a hi/lo switch, not a full range dimmable switch like this one.

Anyway, I liked it because we had fairly high posts on our bed, and the swing arms could be adjusted to avoid those posts. The diffuser allowed the light to shine up more than down, and it also made the light good for reading in bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: swing arm dimmable wall lamp

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I'm not big on the swing arm lamps - so I went with small recessed lights (2) above my bed with the switch bedside the bed. I figure I can put a dimmer on them so I can read or "set the mood"..haha

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