LG Wash Rinse Optimizer Question

shopping_nowOctober 1, 2009

I searched and did not find any topics on the LG Wash/Rinse Optimizer function. The description reads "Wash with Ease - Wash/Rinse Optimizer delivers optimal washing and rinsing performance making automatic adjustments based on the amount of detergent and water hardness."

I have very hard water, 15 to 18 grains per gallon with calcium and magnesium. My water company said this is common for city water in San Diego/Southern California. I do not have a water softener.

Is the LG Wash/Rinse Optimizer something special? Do other manufacturer's offer something similar?

Does anyone have any experience with the LG Wash/Rinse Optimizer and how well it actually works?

I am looking at the following models from LG

LG model WM2801HWA, 4.5 cu ft. at $1169.99 for a Steam Washer with Allergiene cycle

LG model WM2701HV, 4.5 cu ft. at $1142.99 for NON steam washer and NO Allergiene cycle

(Seems like for a steam washer with allergiene cycle, the LG WM2801 for about $30.00 more is the better LG deal? Why is there such a small difference in price, but a big difference in options?)

Samsung Model WF448AAW 4.5 cu ft. for $1257.99 Steam Washer. I like that the Samsung has Silver care and also the vibration reduction technology.

Washer will be on a concrete garage floor at this time. I am looking for a 4.5 cu ft. washer, with sanitize function. Steam does not have to be included as long as there is an internal water heater and a sanitize function.


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