? on spots from Fisher Paykel intuitive dryer

mnoskyOctober 26, 2011

I am having my dryer repaired now as I type - I had a squeaking noise black spots on clothes. The lint had built up everywhere (I had noticed this and in retospect had also noticed a much longer dry time) - It was determined I needed a new pully bearing a had a torn filter. So these were ordered last week and are being replaced now - the lint and everything else is being all cleaned out.

Does anyone know what exactly it is that causes the black spots and when I can expect them to go away? The repairman has no idea about the black spots but I've seen them mentioned here before. Will it be immediately? I did do a load in between the 1st service call and waiting for the parts (the service man thought said it would be ok and the lint had all been cleaned out - I did a load of darks but one dark orange shirt still showed up with a ton of spots on it) . Anyway, we leave for vacation in 2 days and I have a TON of laundry to catch up on plus things that need packed that need washed too!


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Assuming you're referring to the main drum bearing on the right side and that it is the source, the spotting would be caused by bits of metal debris from the bearing wearing and possibly residue from whatever sort of high-temp lubricant is used on it. The problem should ease immediately upon the bearing being changed.

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Wow - you are amazing! Since my posting - the repairman finished the planned repair (actually pully which I think is on left) but wasn't satisfied that he didn't know a source for the spots (and that I was going online to find an answer :) so he kept looking around and found his hand got dirty around the right side (I think this is what he said) and that the bearing (which is on the right) had been destroyed. So I guess this also contributed to the squealing and is also the cause of the spots - there were blackish balls of stuff in there - they seem to be the exact stuff in my clothes when I rub them on a rag. Now, why this all happened, I don't know. And how I am getting my laundry done before vacation when I am working the next 2 days is another good question but at least it seems that will be fixed correctly and my spots should be gone once it is fixed! (part takes maybe 4 days to come in)

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There is no "pulley" on the left. The drum is driven at the right side by a belt that attaches from the motor pulley at the lower rear and around the entire drum. The right side of the drum is supported by the center bearing. Left side of the drum is open, fits over and is supposed by an air duct assembly. Rim of the drum on the left rides on ceramic slides/bearings.

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Well, I obviously know nothing about the inner workings of the FP dryer! I just like how it does my clothes although after a $300 repair at 3 years old...
Anyway, I was just thinking left I guess because the repairman was showing me the lint buildup behind the lint catch thing on the left and I thought that's where the pulley he was talking about was too. I hope this fixes it all now for good. Thanks for your quick replies and expertise!

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I have a model DEGX1, the first of the F&P topload models on the US market. Bought on 10/8/2004. They weren't yet readily-available, the independent dealer from which I purchased made a special effort to get it for me. No repairs yet as such, although I did replace the filter screen two years ago because of a couple small tears. The design of the filter mechanism has a slight flaw in that bits of debris such as sand or stickerburrs can get caught in the lint between the scraper and the filter mesh and cause a tear. The effect is that some lint passes through into the exhaust ducting which can be a problem on long exhaust runs that are susceptible to clogging. My exhaust is literally about 6 inches through an exterior wall, but I changed the filter anyway.

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So any thoughts as to what let to my pulley and bearing problems. I did have a filter tear which I think was significant. Does that cause the others to go?
My exhaust has 2 turns and is on the longer size. I have an average amount of laundry with 2 kids 2 adults. There was a decent amount of "glitter" with the lint in behind the filter or something he pulled out from girls glittery clothing - any cause/effect?

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Decorative glitter or tiny beads caught in the lint layer on the screen could contribute to a tear. The filter rotates at the same speed as the drum, a stationary plastic scraper peels the lint off the screen when it reaches about 1/8" thickness. A long exhaust does not *cause* tearing or linting, but lint that gets past the filter (through tears) can accumulate on inside of the exhaust duct and obstruct it, reducing airflow and increasing drying time. Linting and/or a tear in the filter has no relation to the bearing. I'm still not clear on your reference to a pulley ... wondering if your service tech may be referring to the filter or filter retainer as a "pulley."

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