New to Charlie's Soap. How much do I use?

twebbzOctober 8, 2012

I've got a 2.6 Maytag FL and have been using the "normal" amount of liquid Tide, Wisk and Method with good results.(Half the normal amount for towels)

I purchased Charlie's Soap powder to try and they recommend one full tablespoon of product for a LARGE load. I think I would use less, but how much?

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Your Charlie's Soap powder should have come with a green scoop inside--1 level scoop for a large load is all you need.

Before you run any clothes through the washer, toss in some old towels, use 2 level scoops of Charlie's Soap and run a normal cycle with hot water. This will clean the machine from the previous detergent's residues. Then you're ready to wash--note that it may take a few washes with the Charlie's to get all the old detergent residue out of the clothing itself. Your clothes/towels may feel a little stiff (or just not as soft) until all the residue is gone. Once it's gone, expect the softness to return.

Here's a link to the Charlie's Soap should find plenty of information there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie's Soap

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By 2.6 Maytag FL does that mean it is the cu. ft. capacity? One tablespoon (green scoop) will be sufficient, depending on how soft or hard your water is.

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Yes, 2.6 is the capacity of my machine. It's a 24" COMPACT unit. When using standard detergent, the amount for LARGE loads is too much, lots of suds. But for all my regular loads, the normal amount is just right...for example, four squirts of Method. The directions note six squirts for large loads. So, I'm thinking one tablespoon of Charlie's for a regular load may be too much...maybe reduce it by 1/3 to two TEASPOONS?

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@twebbz - it would not hurt to reduce the dose and see how your laundry comes out. The worst thing that can happen is you have to wash it all over again.

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