What is going on with this socket?

buddyboyincMay 9, 2010

This is a light fixture on the bottom of a ceiling fan in my girlfriend's apartment. I wasn't able to screw a light bulb into the socket, so at first I thought a bulb might have broken off in the socket, but after a closer look, I think that is not the case, and the socket is fine. However, I just cannot screw a bulb into the socket. It seems to be just a little too small - which is why I originally thought the silver part was actually part of another bulb that had broken off. Can anyone take a look at these two images of the socket and tell me if you see anything wrong? There appears to be a gray cardboard or fiber washer in the middle of the socket. I'm guessing that is just there to insulate the two contacts of the socket from each other.



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It looks to me like it takes either a bayonet-type bulb or something smaller than the standard Edison-type threads. The tab in the middle of the hole leads me to believe there isn't a base of a broken light bulb stuck in there.

A picture taken at a 45-degree angle would help

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I think I figured it out. It probably takes an E11 (mini candelabra) halogen bulb. That makes sense from both the size (1mm smaller than E12) and shape (recessed middle contact that would take a small pointy base to reach it).

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