New Year = New Kichen. Need help with layout.

nhbasketsJanuary 1, 2014

We are in the process of looking at putting our home on the market and purchasing a spec home that is in the framing stage in a 55+ development. When we met with the realtor on Tuesday we were told we have about 1 month before decisions would need to be made on the kitchen. Having gone through a kitchen remodel 5 years ago for what I thought was my forever kitchen, I certainly did not think I'd be looking at doing this again so soon.

Below is the first floor plan of the house we are looking at. There are a few things that I'd like to have changed, like removing the coat closet and pantry to the right of the kitchen in favor of a pantry cabinet, recycle bins, and beverage refrigerator with cabs above. We currently have a beverage refrig and love it, so it would be a difficult thing to give up. The exterior walls, windows, and majority of walls are set. One thing that I would like to keep that was built IRL is no door between the dining room and kitchen. That would allow me to have a longer run. The majority of the houses in the development have the opening with the fridge located in the little space. Really do not like the look. Perhaps the design gods here feel otherwise and can convince me to put the door back in.

Based on the plan and the measurements we took today, I came out with the following layout.

A little about us...DH is in early 60s and home on disability, thus our need for a 55+ community. I'm in my mid-50s and still work. We have a 27 year old son that still lives with us, but is on the road/working for most of the day. Weekdays he only eats breakfast at home. I enjoy cooking but find I'm exhausted when I get home so we go out more than we should. DH can't follow a recipe, so that's not an option. We use to entertain quite a bit, but due to my DHs medical issues, that has been reduced. When we have family over for holidays, there are at least 25. Baking is not a huge priority for me.

I discovered this amazing forum right in the middle of our kitchen remodel so did not have the benefit of the wisdom of so many here. I will say, however, we had a great KD and we love our kitchen. The only thing I would have changed is having drawers under my cooktop rather than doors and pull outs. For this reason, the quick design I created for the new house mimics our current kitchen in many ways. I've posted a link below to photos. You might recognize several of the shots.

Sorry to go on so long. If you have the time, I would love for you to give me your thoughts. The program I used is limited, so things look a bit funky. Things I'm looking at are:

-Double ovens
-Corner cooktop
-Raised dishwasher (I located this at the end of the window run. Was thinking the upper cab could come down to the counter. I was also thinking a bookcase at the end would be good.)
-Microwave drawer in island by fridge
-Seating at island on two sides. Those two little boxes on the living room side are legs. Island as drawn would be 8' x 4.5'. I allowed 42" between the island and the perimeter cabs.

Thanks for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: nhbaskets current kitchen

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I like the kitchen! My only question is the corner range, but I'm guessing you've had this before and like it.

The dining room doorway doesn't look like it needs to be there. It's just a step or two to go around the corner. I do like the bay window!

The powder room...are you sure you want an in-swinging door? That can be such a potential problem, depending on if someone has a problem, while in the bathroom. Would out-swinging be better?

What is the little room, behind the powder room? Is this a study? If you don't need the division, maybe a wide archway rather than a dividing wall? It would give you a bigger space...just an idea :)

Oh, is your son's room upstairs? Is there a basement, too?

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Thanks lavender for your reply. We do have a corner cooktop now and I like it. I know it's a waste of space but I hate lazysusans.

The powder room will have a pocket door. The program I was using does have that option.

The room behind the powder room is a small study. DH has already claimed it as his retreat! For that reason I'm thinking the wall would be necessary. I'm hoping to have a French door there.

Our DSs bedroom will be upstairs along with one other, a bonus room over the garage and a full bath. The house does have a full basement. The doorway is to the left of the garage entry. Looks like I missed drawing that in.

What do you think of a raised DW? If this is our last home, I'm thinking it would make life easier as we age.

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I think the raised dishwasher makes sense...and I like the idea of the upper cabinet coming down to the counter!

Is that the double oven next to the fridge? Have you had that before, too? You seem to have a good landing space, on the island.

Are you planning to move the hall closet to the area to the right of the garage entry? Or maybe a bench with hooks?

You know, the more I think about it, not having the kitchen/dining room doorway might be a really good idea. Could you have french doors into the space? Down the road, that could be your private retreat...even if you had to share it as a dining room. All that wonderful light, the bay window and a comfy chair for reading in the corner :)

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As I have drawn it, the double oven is next to the fridge. We do have this currently and it's been fine. Good eye for catching the closet area to the right of the garage entry. In the floorplan that space was suppose to be part of the master closet, but by eliminating the other closet I knew I needed something. I'm thinking a bench with pegs/hooks rather than a closet. That will be where we enter. When we have a crowd over, we normally put coats on our bed.

I like your idea of adding French doors to the dining room. The plan now is to have low pony walls with columns to the ceiling. The builder wanted to do an arch, but I was thinking a straight casing. Will have to give this some more thought.

Thanks again, lavender, for your input!

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The study will be a terrific "man's retreat". In the current plan, an open door blocks the window. Perhaps you could do a glass door, wherever you put it. My aunt has one in her den and it's great. The room feels secluded, not isolated. Would it be easier to have the door at the other end of that wall? Just thinking about being able to see and hear from the kitchen, and easier to get to. Going all the way down and making a sharp right, and basically a U-turn just to get in there, can be difficult.

Can you move the kitchen-DR door over to the right, closer to the corner? I think you'll want some flow, and again, easier so DH doesn't have to go around the table to get to his place at the head.

It's a really nice plan! What is the "DH" off the deck?

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I'm nearly sixty, and I love, love my raised DW. I just have a trash cab b/w the sink and the DW, and it works perfect for me. But I guess you'll have a bigger cab b/w the two. I think that can work too. But if possible have a narrow cab as tall as DW, then DW and then the trash and sink. When loading the DW you can keep the trash open and so no drips on the floor. If you go that way it may be a good idea to continue the counter material on the side of the DW.

Here's what mine looks like.

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bpathome--I agree the door to the study should be glass. I kind of like having the longer wall for possible furniture placement, but will give that a look. As for moving the door between the kitchen and dining room to the corner, would you also have the 'grand entry' off the front door? My concern with having a doorway on the kitchen wall is I will lose space in the kitchen. I believe DH on the plan is for dog house, which is the entry to the basement from the exterior.

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I like your plan. I'm only commenting because my parents have an extremely similar master suite layout.

My dad has a pocket door between the bedroom and the study as well as a door that leads out to the main part of the house. He loves that. He often closes the door to the main house, and likes the privacy it gives him with access to his bathroom and whatever he might want in the BR. Just something to consider.

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sena--thanks for the picture! In my draft plan I have the trash to the left of the sink. Do you find you are reaching over the trash to the DW or do you physically move and load from the front? Your idea of continuing the countertop on the side of the DW cabinet is a good one which I hadn't considered. Thanks!

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control--Awesome idea! Will definitely look into that. Is the pocket door solid or glass?

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I can mostly reach over the trash to the DW. At least the parts closer to the trash can be reached that way (about 2/3 of the DW). I'm 5' 9" tall, and trash is 15".Even when the trash is closed 15" is not too far away imo.

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I can see why it's not an issue for you, sena. I'm vertically challenged at 5' 2". I currently have my trash on the opposite side of my sink than the DW and it has worked for me. Thanks for the input!

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Re K-DR door, if it's moved to the right you still get a long run, but easy access, too. A I'd keep the "grand entry". I like the pony-walls and pillars, could you also do, instead of pony walls, low cabinets with the pillars? Such a classic look, and storage to boot :)

I LOVE controlfreake's suggestion of pocket door from BR to den!

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Bpathome, I had though of some type of cabinet rather than the pony walls. If I had open shelving, which way would the opening face, dining room or entry?

Since we had a snow day from work today, I've been playing with a program I have on my laptop and have done a better job of recreating the first floor. Will post tomorrow morning. Curtailed ops until noon! It's been nice to have an extended break. :)

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It depends on what you'd want to display. Dining room items (or if, like me, you like to use your dining room for yourself, personal/work items in pretty boxes) facing the DR. Or, for holiday display or other things, they could face the foyer. Or...extravaganza...double-sided! Maybe even glass doors for easy housekeeping.

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