Need suggestions for living room lightining

skubaMay 8, 2013

Hi All,
1940 San Francisco house, first owned house, first remodel. I need to make some decisions on lighting for the living room to tell the electrician.

Currently it's setup for sconces on all 3 walls. I am wondering about closing some of those sconces and putting 1 surface mount light on ceiling. With sconces on the middle of all walls how can I decorate, let's say put a picture on the middle of the wall? Maybe leave just sconce on back wall close to entrance.

Thoughts? If you are into the surface light idea, what would you use?

I am attaching a picture but on the link below you can see the other pictures and dimensions of the room.

Thanks so much

Here is a link that might be useful: photos of LR

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I'd try the decorating forum, this one tends toward more technical lighting discussions

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Depending on size of room, how about 4 or 6 recessed cans with CR6 downlights in them?

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