Speed Queen front loaders?

marehOctober 15, 2013

I've been researching washing machines, and have seen a lot of discussion about SQ top loaders, but little info on their front loaders. Does anyone have one of these, and if so, what has your experience been? ( I currently have an twelve year old Maytag frontloader.)

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It seems there are few members of this forum who have the SQ FL. Most of the buzz here is about the SQ TL, which is favored by many for its reliability, simplicity and use of more water than the average FL.

I haven't used a SQ since my laundromat days, which are thankfully over (I hope). Compared to a laundromat my Whirlpool FL set is heaven.

Good luck with your shopping.

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I have a 2 year old front loader. My experiences:

I grade it all "A's" in washing performance, durability and speed of washing. Unlike other front loading washers, I have not seen it get unbalanced. Time of washing is under 50 minutes tops - closer to 40, depending on setting. Speed Queens weighs well over 100 lbs more than most other, larger front load washers, so you know there are some industrial, internal components, and very little plastic. You get rotary knobs that are less likely to break and a minimum of panel electronics - (no faulting errors to get). You also get a stainless steel drum.

The cons? The load capacity is a bit smaller than most. However since we can finish loads in about 45 minutes, the quantity washed / time period is about the same as a larger washer. In our case, when one load of clothes is done washing, the previous load is done drying. Also, you get a choice of only basic wash settings, not a gazillion choices. No internal water heater offered. We haven't missed that feature. Less water used than the Speed Queen top loader. I will add there are "how to" videos on the internet of how to increase water levels for both Speed Queen top load and front load washers.

In short, the current Speed Queen is what the old Maytag used to be - almost unbreakable. Hopes this helps.

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Speed Queen frontloaders currently do have electronic controls. There is a computer board behind the panel. The rotary dials are the user interface for setting the desired cycle and options into the board. The clue is that the cycle dial is a selector, not a timer that advances to the "off" position at end of the cycle.

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Thanks for the info! Gaken, do you think a queen size quilt or blanket (not a puffy comforter) can fit inside the drum?

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Check out automaticwasher.org. Plenty of information there as well. This is a recent thread

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen TL or FL?

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I forget which SQ FL model I've had since May 2012, but yes, it will fit a queen comforter (not a king however). So will the dryer. We're all very happy with our SQ's.

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Thanks so much for responding again! I'm glad now that we got ride of our king bed some time ago, LOL. I'm going to go for the SQ FL.

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Be sure to keep us posted on your selection and your results. Looking forward to your post.

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Does anyone have the SQ FL installed in a 2nd floor or main floor with basement below? It's one of the few decent sized front load washers that will fit in my smaller/awkward first floor laundry/powder room and I'm a bit worried about reports of vibration.

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Have you gone online to check the manuals recommendations for installation on a main floor? I have my Miele situated on our main floor without issue. Some details include: wood joist, total of 1.5" wood subfloor, 3/16" ply underlayment, 1/4" self leveling compound, Strata-Mat decoupling layer (for the tile), then finally, tile. So that is one feature. The other is that I have the set in a corner backed up against a load bearing wall. My floor joist are only 8' long in the room. I have the machine as level as I could make it. My machine does not vibrate, except for a few seconds as it picks up speed, and then its not the floor, but the dryer on top. When I first installed the washer, the tech support told me to run a wet towel through the spin cycle and check how that worked. He said that was the most unbalanced load one could have. I tried it, and my machine was terrific. I bet a SQ would be too :)

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Thanks Enduring.

The manual just says to install on a "solid, sturdy and level floor". To me that covers a range from "only on a concrete slab" to "OK in a 2nd floor interior closet in a house built to code". (Well, level is level, but solid and sturdy have varying degrees.)

Not sure what the subfloor is, but there's at least 1/2" plywood screwed down over it and topped with ceramic tile. The units will be side by side backing to a load bearing wall and outside wall on the dryer side, but nothing is level in this house. My 17 year old Kitchenaid has trouble balancing and does vibrate some on the spin, but I can't feel the vibration in the floor when standing beside it.

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You'll need to be sure the installers level with the leveling feet very well.

I bet you will have no problems. You are at the best possible location for installation as far as I know, other than the basement slab of course.

Your Kitchenaid probably needs to be leveled (just my guess).

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