bathroom LED cans, how much is enough?

saz1May 15, 2010

We are planning the lighting for our new 14' x 7' bathroom. The ceiling is high (10'). Being California this must be Title 24 compliant, so we plan to use LED cans, (LR6, 65W equivalents). The plan calls for two, they will be on a dimmer. We will have vanity lights as well. But we wonder if the two cans in the ceiling will be enough or should we put in 3? Thanks for any thoughts/guidance!

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You probably want one in your shower at least. So add one extra can for that.

As for the rest, it depends on your vanity lights. If they're 100+ watt halogens, then the two can are fine. If they're 40 watt incandescent, then you'll probably want to add an extra.

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2 should be sufficient. Add a third if you think it needs to be brighter.

BTW, the CR6 lights are supposed to be available this month.

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