Not All LED Bulbs Last

nerdyshopperMay 5, 2014

I have over a dozen LED spots in cans around the house. Many of them burned out in less than 2 years. All were replaced under warrantee with a newer design. I'm hoping these will last. I just want to let folks know that these new designs are not trouble free, despite claims to the contrary. At the high cost of these bulbs a long life is essential. Otherwise they are the best bulbs I have ever used. As costs go down they approach other bulbs in cost/lifetime ratios. My bulbs were all G7's so I am not sure of other brands. The original G7's were guaranteed for the life of the owner. New one have a 5 year guarantee.

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I had similar issue with my LEDs as well, i bought some of them very cheap on ebay i believe and they only lasted for few month. They should last at least 5 years. I think there is so much more room for improvement in LED world that it will take few more years for them to develop super long lasting LEDs at a reasonable price. I personally found great LEDs for my house for landscaping at , i been using them for 8 month now without any issues so far. I will keep you posted if any burn out.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED site

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WE replaced halogen canned floods, in our kitchen with floods from Home Depot, probably 3 years ago or so. They are all on dimmers. Not one of the 8 I installed has ever had a problem and they were easy to install, (Unscrew the halogen, & screw in the LED).

Very happy with them and especially my electric bill which is usually in the $60-70/month range. 8, 35 watt halogens =280 Watts, 8, 8 watt LED's = 64 watts.


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I have Ecosmart (Lighting Science made for Home Depot), Lighting Science (their Definity brand), and Phillips I bought over a year ago. I have BR40 and Br30 size in my kitchen, and all are going just fine. We have an au pair who leaves the lights on all day, so it wouldn't surprise me if they have 3000+ hours on them so far.

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At first I thought you were talking about it this LED work light

Here is a link that might be useful: LED WORK LIGHT

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yeah i heard of this not all LED bulbs last long. I prefer CFL light bulb i bought online it can last up to 7 yrs and i had it for 3 yrs now... it also has filtering properties in it which helps in filtering the air, cause of the ions it emits I guess.. the light is clear as well

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The just-released July 2014 issue of Consumer Reports has a brief mention of one of their readers who bought and installed an exterior LED fixture which has multiple LED "bulbs". The reader inquired of the manufacturer about buying extra bulbs. Not available-- the manufacturer says the fixture is intended to be discarded when the LEDs fail.

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