LED under cabinet, Dimmers, long runs and wiring

schorertMay 9, 2014

I have my kitchen almost completed, cabinets are in place and the backsplash goes in tomorrow.
I had the electrician run romex up under the cabinets from the basement, and up to a wall switch with the intention of using LED. this cost a small fortune...and now the cost of the strips and driver is another $1000.

Centrally locating the driver and splitting that four ways would result in four runs of about 15' each.

I would like to add another run across the dining room to the far wall, on the same dimmer, for two sconces with strips of LED's inside.

Does anyone know of an LED product that is:
can accept long runs of 20'
might cost less than $1000 for 30' of light strips total?
My contractor is basically saying "you can pay me a lot now, or you can pay me even more when it's a "rush job" in two weeks".

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Are you intending to use low voltage or line voltage?
Did your electrician wire accordingly?

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Nice post, i have much impressed on this article..

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There is a recent new version of LED named as hoopla , it is having only 40-60 watt bulbs, its price is reasonable and its appearance is standardize and dimmable. You can also use smart vocca bulbs in your new home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smart Bulbs

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