Bosch compact washer and Asko compact dryer compatibility

A143October 19, 2013

Does anyone know if you can plug a Bosch compact washer into
an Asko compact dryer? My old Asko washer had (and my hopefully future Bosch has) a 240V-3prong plug, but neither company will tell me if they are compatible. Personally, I will never buy an Asko washer again -- lots and lots of repairs and it only lasted a little over the seven year mark. The dryer has been fine.

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Hi A143. I have no idea if they're compatible, but I just replaced my old Bosch set yesterday. They're still in our breezeway awaiting haul off. So II can shoot a picture of the Bosch washer plug if that will allow you to compare it to your Asko's plug.

I can shoot a picture of the Bosch dryer plug, too. For some reason, I'm thinking it is a four prong plug.

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The Bosch washer has a three-prong NEMA 6-15P plug that fits into a 6-15R outlet - 208 or 240 volt, 15 amp, with two horizontal slots in a row (both hot) and a round ground hole. If your Asko dryer outlet looks like the upper one in this pic (the lower outlet is the more familiar 120v), it should work.

The dryer probably has a large 208/240 volt, 30 amp plug at the end of a thick cable, intended to power a large 27" or wider American electric dryer. Most of the smaller 24" wide dryers draw less than 15 amps, but are often supplied with a 30 amp plug anyway (either 3 or 4 prong, often owner swappable) with internal fusing at 15 amps because such wall outlets are common in American laundry rooms. Since the dryer draws less than 15 amps, a 240 volt/15 amp outlet on the back of the dryer allows a 240V/15A washer to plug into the dryer, and the dryer to plug into a 240V/30A outlet thus powering both machines.

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