60" wide space for front-loaders - how big can they be

trippknightlyOctober 13, 2013

One option for reconfiguring my laundry room has them side-by-side in a space 60" wide wall-to-wall. How much space do I really want for the machine doors to open for good access? I'm not sure if today's higher-end machines have better hinge articulation that allow narrower side clearance while maintaining great access to the tubs? The machines I have today are front-load, maybe 10 years old 27" wide Kenmores. If I open the doors fully they need to go what seems like an added 8" further so looks like am going to get new machines.

I want machines to have capacity as high as possible.

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Depending on the model, and your habits, it could still work with the bigger machines. I have ~5 year old Kenmore Samsungs, and have the option of reorienting my dryer door. So two options:
1. both doors oriented to the same side (won't bang into each other)
2. each door hinge on the "outside" and only open to ~110 degrees (leaves easy access for transferring from washer to dryer though)

Honestly though, they are so large, especially in depth, that in such a small space I would consider stacking (and did, lol!) Less floor space used that way. Here are mine stacked; at their widest they open to ~42":

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Thanks. Yeah, I could maybe get over the association I have with stacking and the cramped-apartment efficiciency-unit look. I wish you could stack the washer on top of the dryer since it's easier to work with gravity to move the clothes to the dryer. I suppose you could build a cabinet to put the washer on since you can't put it on the dryer. At least I'm pretty sure all brands say you can only stack dryer on washer not vice versa.

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LG makes a huge stackable washer and dryer set, 29" wide and deep, 5.2 cu.ft. washer and 9 cu.ft. dryer. There's a Kenmore-branded version too. Those are the largest residential machines available.

The washer always is on the bottom - it's much heavier, and resting it atop a dryer would amplify any shaking during the spin cycle.

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I still think you could build a cabinet / platform on which to rest the washer up top. Fight gravity once by getting the washer up there, as opposed to on every load!

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