Light in the washer

czechchick2October 20, 2008

I am just curious. I read somewhere that some of the new washers have light inside. I would like to know if you can turn the light off somehow or the door have to be shut in order to keep the light off.( Just like dryers door ). I leave my door open all the time after the wash.

Just wonder about some of you guys here w/ the mold and mildew problem might have the door closed b/c of the light.

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Most FL washers have a main Power ON/OFF Button

any particular brand / model you're thinking about ?

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No, I just wondered b/c when my dryer is off and I open the door the light comes on. The light inside I'm talking about.
It doesn't make sense to me even have light inside the washer or the dryer anyway.

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My Neptune washer has a light inside that stays on when the door is open. Since I have now been leaving the door open always, I just loosen the bulb till it goes out.

I never forget to screw it back in when I'm putting another load in, because it really does help to see inside the drum.

I don't think the new LG I'm looking at has a light inside, so I won't have that to deal with when I get the new machine.


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Thanks for the info Janet. I just wondered.

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Here's what some manuals say about the light:

"The drum light will come on whenever the door is opened to illuminate the drum during loading and unloading. Closing the door turns off the light. The drum light will automatically turn off if the door is left open more than 3 minutes. To activate the drum light during a cycle, press the button under LIGHT. The light will stay on during the cycle for 3 minutes." (New Electrolux washer and dryer)

"The drum is equipped with a blue LED light that illuminates when the washer is turned on. This light automatically turns off when the door is closed and the cycle starts. To turn on the light during a cycle, press and hold the RINSE+SPIN button for 3 seconds. The drum light will illuminate and then turn off automatically after 4 minutes." (various LG steam washers)

Miele only mention the light will go off once the cycle starts and then say to close the door after unloading the washer...

HTH, Alex

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One of the things I wanted on a new dryer was a light in the drum and I'm happy I got one with the light. So much easier to see in there. Would like to have one on the washer too so I wouldn't have to spin the drum around a couple times to see if everything is out.

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My LG has a fiber optic light in the washer drum, you can turn it on and it stays on about 3 minutes then turns off. I don't use it too much but it is kind of cool when the lights are off in the laundry room and the dim light is on the spinning clothes.

Cynic, I still spin the drum because small items do get smashed into the sides. I have missed a few socks and my teeny tiny underwear (yeah, right!) so I just give it a spin just in case. Even with the pedestals I am too tall to see the top of the drum, and am too lazy to bend over that far.

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I want the interior LED drum light on all the time during a wash cycle. I think it's really cool to see the hi-tech wizardry of the washer working away. Why is there not an option to have it on while in operation? It's an LED, and the power used is almost negligible. Please, is there a series of secret button presses on the front panel that will allow it to stay on during operation? It's a work of art, and I love watching it run. I have the WM2501HWA

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