Is track lighting 'out'? (pics!)

lara9143May 23, 2012

Hi all! DH and I are fixing up our first home, and our situation is in the family room - it is a large addition at the back of the house and nicely spacious(35' x 20'). But because it IS at the back of the house it gets the shade of our terraced backyard and none of the sunlight from the front (west facing) front.

The roof is flat with no crawl space above it to hide pot/recessed lights like I would love to do otherwise. So DH says our only option is (1) stick to table & floor lamps (which only give off a "glow" as is) or (2) install track lighting and hide the wires along the length of the exposed beams. Of the two I prefer the track because of the direction of light they would provide, however is track lighting "out"? What are the pro's and cons? Should we just stick to lamps?

Here are some pics of the room (please excuse the mess, these are before we'd settled in):

In the middle of painting the beams white:

Pre-white (PO had them stained forest green):

A photo from the home inspection:

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I have no idea if track lighting is "out". I've been looking at it, myself, and have decided to use some in our new place. That said . . .

I might put in track lighting, but aim the heads up at the ceiling, so the light is (mostly) indirect. Use some of them for direct task lighting, if you like.

Or, for a more labor-intensive option (more drywall & electrical work), I would put sconces around the room, and use lamps for task lighting. Unless you're going to be having hamster shows or micro-stadium football (both of which need great lighting I've heard ;o), an overall good ambient light is great for living spaces. This isn't a kitchen, after all.

Hope that helps . . .

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It's not out, but it has been updated - the clunky plastic of yesterday is out. The new look is streamlined metal-finished tracks and lines with lots of variety of track lights and pendants.

I have beamed ceilings like yours and am about to redo the old tracks. Do you have Lamps Plus? They will come out and give you a free consultation, or you can peruse their catalogs.

Since your celing is not that high, nestle the tracks on the inside of a beam. There are also cable systems where you can run a cable between the beams and hang pendants off them, say over the coffee table.

Click to see some examples.

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