Royal Red shrimp

natalJuly 1, 2012

Stopped at the fishmonger yesterday to pick up shrimp for a boil and saw Royal Reds in the case. Never heard of them, but after searching online definitely have to try some.

If you've had them how did you cook them? I know not to add salt and cook very briefly. Thinking about picking up a pound tomorrow for a taste run.

Deep Down, My Favorite Shrimp ... from the Washington Post

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I live in Stonington, Connecticut (actually, I live in Historic Mystic a part of Stonington) home port to Alan Chaplaski captain of the Neptune as mentioned in the article you linked.

UConn helped Capt. Chaplaski optain a research grant from NOAA to study the shrimp.

I've not had them but the article I've linked noted that most of them are pre-allocated. We always take our Nordic Tug to the Stonington Blessing of the Fleet in July. I'll be sure to look for Alan and ask about the shrimp & their availability.

Here's a good article on Alan.


Here is a link that might be useful: Captain Alan Chaplaski, royal red shrimp

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Here's a pix of the Neptune from last year's Blessing. No pixs of his shrimp though. At least I know what boat to look for. The shrimp sound delicious - if I can find any.


Here is a link that might be useful: Neptune

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I have not seen them here in NY. Sounds like a tasty treat.

I would just steam them (not boil) and enjoy them with a simple dipping sauce.

I have a feeling that will be a great sushi ingredient.

Strange that this is a recent discovery.

There is a big problem now with Asian invasive Tiger shrimps.


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Yum, I'd definitely try some if I ever saw any, not that it's very likely here in Michigan, LOL.

It's fresh shrimp, how could you possibly go wrong? I would have to just eat them without a heavy sauce or a lot of seasoning, just so I could see how they tasted and what the texture is like, then decide what else to do with them.



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I've had Royal Reds in FL. We had the fish market cook them. I believe they steamed the the ones we bought. We had friends who had grown up eating them in FL. They told us to eat them like lobster, with melted butter. They were FANTASTIC!

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Tricia, I stumbled across the article on Captain Chaplaski when I was doing the search. I was amazed to see the wide availability ... although limited. Equally amazed that I'd never heard of them before.

Bbstx, that's where I'm leaning ... a quick steam or boil and then a long dunk in melted butter.

Dcarch, yes, the Asian Tiger shrimp are set to change the balance of things.

Annie, I feel the same way. I wouldn't hide the sweet taste of lobster meat with a lot of seasoning. I want a true taste this first time around. Hoping they still have them tomorrow.

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