Help! Need to purchase stack W/D this weekend!

themitzOctober 7, 2011

Hi guys,

New to the forum, glad I found it (hopefully just in time). I have a small basement laundry room just off the bathroom. The ceiling has to be torn down, as well as the back wall (I'm doing that myself, first time demo'ing) so I am replacing the existing separate dryer and top-load washer that came with the house with a stack unit in order to free up storage space. I can't have a front loader as it seems my water (and the house) is very prone to mold. I have to spray my shower with bleach once a week to keep pink mold at bay. Same if I go on vacation: when I come back there is pink mold ringing the toilet. Anyway - so a front loader is out. I want to purchase a one-piece stack unit. I had one years ago in the closet of my efficiency apartment and it was fine. Not great, but fine. So now I am in the market again. Any experiences, reviews, suggestions as to which is best? Mine has to be electric (not gas). I can't remember what brand was in the apt, and there really are not that many to choose from: Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24" Thin Twin Electric Laundry Pair; Maytag 2.5 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Washer and 5.9 Cu. Ft. 4-Cycle Dryer Electric Laundry Center; GE Unitized Spacemaker GTUP240EMWW. I have read so many reviews that the "Awfuls" cancel out the "Greats" and now I have purchase paralysis, so could use some fresh perspective! I'd prefer porcelain basket over plastic, but I'm not really hard on my appliances. One said it had to have 220. How do I know if I have that or not? Are there other important attributes I'm missing or should consider? Noise isn't a huge issue, since it is in the basement; likewise with on what side the door opens. Any help gratefully accepted as I begin demolition of the laundry room this weekend and also plan to purchase the stack set this weekend to take advantage of the Columbus Day sales!

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Don't be so quick to count out a front loader! While I would not recommend my stacked washer to anyone (it is a Kenmore/Frigidaire/Electrolux, and has received horrible reviews - though after four years of weekly use, I have yet to have a problem), why not look at a few front loaders that can have the dryer stacked on top? A little weekly care - making sure that a few loads are hot water wash, wiping down the door gasket after the last load, and leaving the washer door and detergent drawer open through the week should surely keep the mold at bay.

Good luck!


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@ themitz

I used a couple of one-piece stack washers/dryers such as you described while on vacation. One set was GE and the other was Maytag. I don't think either of them was new. The Maytag set out-cleaned the GE by a country mile, and they were noticeably much quieter. The Maytag dryer dried my laundry without getting it TOO dry; it all came out just right, whereas it seemed the GE dryer either under- or over-dried the laundry. Maytag seemed to be of definite better quality to me. This was my first experience using stacked one-piece sets, so take this FWIW.

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