kitchen remodel lighting plan

stealthrugMay 18, 2010

Hi, I'm going through a kitchen remodel and trying to figure out a lighting plan. Research on these forums,

elsewhere on the web, recommendations from kitchen planner, and electrician haven't led me to a final decision, so I'm

looking for help.

Generally I seem to be headed in a direction where recessed lighting is the main/general lighting for the room(which is

new to me, the rest of the house is void of recessed fixtures) with available dimming(uncertain if that will

actually be needed). For diameter and light type(led, xenon/halogen, incandescent) I've been heading toward 5"

and incandescent. Mostly arbitrary since 6" seems like it would be large for the space, but lacking experience I feel

it's hard to tell what the final product will be with trim and positioning variables. As far as type, I favor

incandescent vs. fluorescent, so I was headed there. Though I've seen comments about LED LR6 and CR6 that give a

little pause. I have never used LEDs as my primary lighting source, so a bit shy on that. I wouldn't want to

end up with the same colors and fluorescent feel.

My proposed placement of these recessed lights is centered on the edge of the various sections of counter tops. The

range will have a microhood over it with lighting. I was also putting one of the recessed fixtures in the window

corner where it feels like it will be dark(at night).

For my other lighting layers, it is my intention to have LED under cabinet lighting everywhere. Trying to find a

type that is ~0.5H", such that they can be hidden within the standard bottom recess of the cabinets. Then based on

recommendation I was setting up for above cabinet lighting

which may just be rope lighting to run at night(when

everything else is off).

Originally I was also going to have a ceiling fan+light in the center of the room, but I've reconsidered the necessity

of the fan, and been led to believe that with the recessed lighting as the primary source, the central light fixture

is unnecessary. While I have that off the table at the moment, I'm nervous enough about making a mistake that it

is my intention to have the central fixture wiring in place and ready should it be desired when the job is complete.

I'm looking for whatever input I can get. I don't have much of a touch for lighting other than knowing when I'm in

a poorly lit area and want more light.

Here's an overhead plan with my proposed recessed light locations in red:

Other views of the setup can be found HERE.

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The CREE lights perform just like incandescents in terms of light color.

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The center part needs some lighting - either a fixture (eg - chandelier) or more recessed cans.

The CREE LR6 lights do outperform both incandescents and CFLs in cans - The cans are light traps.

For under cabinet, look at environmentallights led light bars.


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I failed to describe the switching control arrangement previously. I intend to have the three varieties of lighting(general, under, and over) controllable from either end of the room. This would be an all-or-none arrangement for each type, single switch activates all recessed/general lighting, single switch for all under cabinet, ... For the general/recessed lighting I intend to have that dimmable from one side of the room.

This central fixture that you see as necessary, would that be a member of the general lighting class(always on with the recessed fixtures)? I didn't mention that the ceilings are 8', so uncertain on an actual chandelier, at least what my mental image of a chandelier is.


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You could use a surface mounted fixture, ~ 4 more recessed lights or ...

I agree with you that a traditional chandelier (ie - like the ballroom chandelier in Beauty & the Beast) would be inappropriate.

If you're considering dimmable CFLs, I'd recommend that you take a close look at the CREE CR6 & LR6 lights as an alternative as they are cheaper to procure and operate.

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