Recommend a type of light for a sink counter. Small dimensions.

davidro1May 31, 2009

My condo has an 8' ceiling.

I am rebuilding my kitchen.

Galley, i.e. two separate parallel counters.

One side will have fluorescent undercounter lights under wall cabinets 30"h.

Over these I have built an 11"h 26"d header to project onto the counter.

This header is enclosed by walls / columns.

I'm thinking of 24V transformer halogen (or Xenon) lights there.

On the other side, there will be NO upper cabinets.

That side is open, not enclosed.

8' is my ceiling height there currently and I like it.

To light up that (sink) counter, what height drywall box is the best / smallest to contain overhead lights there?

What are the smallest size lights possible?

Am I better off hanging halogens off two suspended cables instead sinking them into a header box?

This is my first question in this forum. I'm mostly in kitchens, appliances and plumbing.

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I am currently considering a very small recessed light from HD. Check their small recessed lights. Lowes also has similar. But because I like even light I may go to an ultra slim GE fluorescent at HD. But I will change to bulb to a 3100k or 3500k white color (same color white as a halogen).
I did get a 3 light fixture (lights hang down and you add 3 glass shades) at a side walk sale at Lowes for $10. I might use that if my wife prefers.

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