Recessed lighting Bulb vs Housing ??

mike_d_2009May 4, 2009

So I am putting some recessed lighting in my new place. My rooms are about 13x15. I have the beams exposed because I am doing the sheetrock so installation is not a problem. My question is, Should I go with the regular recessed lighting fixtures (4 inch) and go for the LED bulbs ? Or go for the LED fixture which is much more expensive ?

I apologize if this is on another post, I could not find any previous info.

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Good LED Lighting is going to be very expensive. If it is not, it doesn't put out any light and has bad color. If you want LED, be prepared to spend some serious money and do with less light. Same applies to fluorescent. Good fluorescent lighting cost more than bad fluorescent lighting. Unfortunetly, all the new energy saving products do cost more to purchase up front. But do not be fooled into buying cheap in either of these categories. Look for name brand products with good warranties.

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