Very Thin Trim Recessed Lighting - 3' & 4' Low Voltage

norfyMay 17, 2012

Hi GWers - a very specific question here about lighting.

I'm trying to find a thin trim (as in the depth of the trim is very thin) low-voltage recessed light in 3 & 4" aperture

We saw this at a showroom & liked the look of a very thin trim, however it only comes in 2"

USAI Sliver:

"Sliver is family of discreet, ultra-thin and functional downlight, adjustable, and wallwash luminaires for utilization with low voltage halogen MR-16 lamps. A mere 0.040" profile minimizes trim appearance along the ceiling plane ..."

Anyone know of something similar in 3 & 4" aperture?

Thank you

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