LED Chips: Edison vs. Cree?

jcasola5May 15, 2011

Hi. I'm looking to replace My MR-16 halogens with LED bulbs. Found a Canadian supplier called led lightscanada.com. Their 6 watt uses an Edison chip but their 9 watt bulb uses a Cree chip? There will be 9 of these bulbs in my kitchen, so I was thinking that the 6 watt would be sufficient. Is it worth going with the 9 watt and the extra price to get the Cree chip? BTW, i intend to put them on a dimmer. many thx.

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Check out the lumens first. The wattage isn't too much help. For example, the Edison might use 80 lumen per watt chips and the Cree might be using 40 lumen per watt chips.
Does either have any Lighting Facts information? There's also color temperature and how your kitchen looks under each one.

Best is to get one of each and see what you like better.

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I love Cree. In my kitchen there are two Cree led bulb. The price is reasonable with good quality.

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Compare the CRI (Color Rendition Index), color temp, light output and price. The price is likely to drop as the various LED vendors (Nichida, Cree, Philips, ...) vie for market share.

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Thx for all the responses. very helpful.

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