Will this kitchen light look too big in my space?(pics)

jterrilynnMay 3, 2010

Hi, my kitchen floor space after cabinets is an odd shape but around 9x9 with a 12 ½ high ceiling (this is the area the light fixture will be centered in). Adjoining that space is an odd shaped nook area around 6x7 and the ceiling slopes down to 10Â1/2. My newest light I have picked is 30" tall and 19" wide. Too big? I have read a few things on determining size of light but not sure if it pertains to my odd shaped room. WhatÂs a good size? Thank you!!!

http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/?action=view&current=anotherlight.jpg"; target="_blank">

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The bottom of the light would probably be about 8.5' off the floor assuming a 2 ft long wire.

The main question in my mind is whether it would provide sufficient light.

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Hi davidtay, I have six recessed lights already around/near the boundries of room and will have undercounter lighting after remodel. I need light in the middle-ish and to also make a statement with one hanging light. Its hard figuring the scale of hanging fixture in this odd shape room.

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Hi jterrilynn, I think it would fit just based on the dimensions alone. However, the lighting effects - amount of light, shadows cast have to be considered.

If you have all the wiring and recessed lights already installed hook up the light and try it alone and together with the recessed lighting.

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Thank you Davidtay!

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Beautiful light. Would you mind sharing what brand and where it can be purchased? Thank you.

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Hi gma, sorry it took me so long to get back. The light is a Sheridan Foyer Lantern df-94856-riv.

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