Pendant light that won't be centered over table

Marg2May 24, 2011

We're midway through a drastic kitchen renovation. When it's finished, we'll have a small (36-inch) round table sitting largely within a walkout bay. We'd always assumed that we'd put a pendant light over the table (we'll have cans and UC lighting as well; it's a small kitchen). We recently decided to put a skylight directly over the table, in an effort to bring yet more natural light into the room. This has put the kibosh on the pendant idea.

Now we're scrambling to find appropriate overhead lighting for the table area -- something that doesn't hang over the table yet can be directed toward the table. It's really the only lighting "statement" we'll have in the kitchen. The kitchen will be sort of retro looking--white appliances, pale green cabinets, wood floor. We've considered track lighting with "directable" lights (see link below), but these look awfully modern for our kitchen. I found this design-y pendant (see link below) that's an interesting idea but totally the wrong style and about a gazillion dollars over our price range. Even thought about a swingarm wall-mounted sconce, but I don't think we can find arms long enough and with the table positioned right in the bay, there isn't much plain-old wall space to mount one.

Any ideas?



Any ideas? have a small, round eat-in

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Have you considered the possibility of having linear strip lights in the skylight?

ie - cove lighting in or around the skylight recess.

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Thanks! Hadn't thought of that. It wouldn't provide the directed light we dream of, but it would take care of general light above the table.

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