recessed lights in kitchen - electrician coming today - help

remodel-mamaMay 18, 2010

Hi all,

Ok, DH discussed the location of the recessed lights in the kitchen for 2+ hours (!) last night - but didn't make a decision. Not sure why we didn't hve our KD help out with this - but now it's a bit late since the electrician is coming today...

Here is some background on the kitchen:

Painted white (well, slightly off-white) inset cabinets (the two cabinets flanking the range will have glass doors - and don't worry, I know about the grease issue... :). The island will be antiqued black (amaretto). There are no windows in the kitchen, but the kitchen is open to the dining room which has french doors and 2 windows.

We will have 2 mini pendants (50 watt each) over the island; under counter (fluorescnt) lights; and 2 puck lights under higher cabinet above sink. The recessed lights are 4" fluorescent/CFLs(we are required to use fluorescent here).

So here are the options that we have come up with. I would love any feedback you have. Which one do you think will be better? Or maybe you have a suggestion to make it better?

OPTION 1: 7 cans, 3 placed over the edge of the counter top, others scattered for general lighting. Seems like a lot of lights for the size of the kitchen, but maybe we need this many (??)

OPTION 2: 5 cans placed more in walkway between counter and island. Without having lights right above the edge of the counter, I'm not sure if the uncabinet lights - even if placed in the front part of the cabinet - will give enough or the right kind of light. Is 5 4" cans enough?

Maybe you have an OPTION 3 for me? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer :)

Thanks you!

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If you're willing to consider using LED lights, the cost may not be prohibitive.
eg - LR 6 current pricing is ~ 80.
Price of the can ~ 15. (title 24)

Built in CFL can ~60
Trim ~ 20.
Bulb ~10

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I would keep the light over the sink and perhaps make the light can pattern more regular - not scattered.

I would not use less than 6 lights. 7 would probably be better.

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Thanks davidtay - As far as I understand we cannot switch out the fluorescents for LEDs. We were told that Title 24 is not up to date with the technology and that fluorescents are still required in the kitchen... Did I miss something?

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That is not true. The LR6 and CR6 CREEs are title 24 compliant.

In reality both the CREE Lights are more efficient than the standard spiral CFLs (~50 - 55 lumens per watt).

Most people use T8 fluorescent tubes just for the sake of title 24 compliance and cost.

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From the rule book
Lighting in Kitchens. A minimum of 50 percent of the total rated wattage of permanently installed lighting in kitchens shall be high efficacy.
EXCEPTION to Section 150(k)8: Up to 50 watts for dwelling units less than or equal to 2,500 ft2 or 100 watts for dwelling units larger than 2,500 ft2 may be exempt from the 50 percent high efficacy requirement when the following conditions are met:
A. All low efficacy luminaires in the kitchen are controlled by a manual-on occupant sensor, dimmer, energy management control system (EMCS), or a multi-scene programmable control system; and
B. All permanently installed luminaires in garages, laundry rooms, closets greater than 70 square feet, and utility rooms are high efficacy and are controlled by a manual-on occupant sensor.
NOTE: For the purpose of this requirement, kitchen lighting includes all permanently installed lighting in the kitchen except for lighting that is internal to cabinets for the purpose of illuminating only the inside of the cabinets. Lighting in areas adjacent to the kitchen, including but not limited to dining and nook areas, are considered kitchen lighting if they are not separately switched from kitchen lighting.
9. Lighting internal to cabinets. Permanently installed lighting that is internal to cabinets shall use no more than 20 watts of power per linear foot of illuminated cabinet.

From the Cree LR6 product sheet
 UtilizeGU-24basefornewconstructionprojectsinCaliforniaor otherareas wherehighefficacylinevoltagesocketsarerequired.
 ExceedsCaliforniaTitle-24highefficacyluminairerequirements.  ENERGYSTAR®qualifiedSolid-StateLightingLuminaire.


Here is a link that might be useful: Title 24

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