What is this type of light called?

ShellKingMay 24, 2012

I need two wall sconces that will go very high up on a 2-story living room wall. The original home owner put outlets 12 feet up on the wall for picture lights. I could really use additional light in the room and so I want to hardwire some sconces up there. The outlets are already wired to a wall switch.

What type of light should I be searching for? Searching "Wall sconces" gets me a lot of vanity-type lights that would look silly 12 feet up. I thing I want something that looks like a half-bowl with upward light?

Does this type of fixture have a name?

I think it also has to be big, right? Any size recommendations? I think it needs to be at least 18" wide.

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would you consider some track lighting to cross the wall?
you could angle some heads up and some down or shine into the room?

if not check out this half-bowl white fixture==


energy star rated but it will mainly wash the upper wall and 12 ft tall--you won't get anything close to the floor...

this is more specific style --contemporary--

that site is pretty easy to search--by type/size/price--

don't know what metal/color you might have going on in your room but take it from someone who just bought a house and the owners had multiple typs of lighting w/different metal finishes and styles
very offputting and just a terrible waste of their money IMO--
because if they had had a plan they could have done it in stages and still had it coordinated...

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