purex classic powder he signature on box

nsaids_nurse420October 5, 2010

anyone tried this detergent? i washed a load of colors and it seemed to do just fine. faint scent of fresh, not overpowering. i used my sears scoop. no instructions for he on the box other than "just use less". this was the 4 lb box. paid $2.46 for the box. seems to be a buy. plan on washing more to find out...

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I have never tried it but if it is working for you then that is what counts.

How much does it say to use for a top loading machine? If you use about 1/2 that amount in a front loading machine that seems about standard from what I have gleaned reading up on comments around here and on the web.

I don't know how much a Sears scoop holds but 2 Tablespoons = 1/8 cup = 1 ounce of product.

So if you are using only an ounce that would be 64 loads for that price which is an excellent price providing the detergent works for your needs :)

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