bathroom lighting questions

tabbaldwinMay 13, 2010

In our new house, the ceiling of the master bath will be vaulted and about 16' with 1 frosted, north-facing window. I'm also installing a solar tube for a bit more natural light.

So, as for vanity lighting--I'm thinking I need plenty--so at least 5 lights over each vanity (separated by the shower enclosure)....would that be enough for putting on makeup, etc., or do I want more?

In the last hotel we stayed at, I was amazed at how great I looked in the bathroom mirror, so I realized how important lighting can be. I couldn't tell the type of bulbs used since the lighting was upward and pretty much enclosed (I tried to look!). There were 4 lights--2 of which were "cool" while the other 2 were "warm".....this makes me think they were fluorescent perhaps? I think it must've been this combo that was so flattering--am I right?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions you might have--my builder says I need to choose lighting by next week....

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the best lighting would be 2 fixtures, each mounted at 65" of the floor on either side of both mirrors.
You could choose a single 100 watt lamp(or 18watt CFL)in each fixture,or a two lamp 60watt(or 15 watt CFL) fixture mounted vertically.
I think that if there was two types of flourescents used in the same hotel room,it would be done by the maintenance staff, in error.
Most of todays" CFL's , with a 3000 degree colour rendering , will produce a great light output for personal grooming

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I wish I could place the lights on either side of the mirror (after reading before that it was the ideal placement), but I can't. The vanities flank and angle out from the centered shower enclosure on either side, so the vanities do have one side wall, but the other side is open. And, the sinks of each are off center in the cabinets in order to get a stack of drawers within the cabinet (so the mirror needs to take up the whole wall behind the cabinets in order for it to look right and give coverage in line with the sink too). Clear as mud, huh?

Maybe the different tones of bulbs in the hotel was accidental, but they were even and alternated, so I thought it was planned that way.

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