Are you Happy with your CR-6 lighting?

jcasola5May 13, 2011

Hi. I am about to make a final decision on kitchen lighting and am leaning heavily toward the CR-6s, despite my GC pushing the halogens. I will have 9 of these in my kitchen ceiling, along with 3 pendants (non-LED) and LED UCL.

Any regrets from anyone that has installed the CR-6? Also, did you go for the 2700k or the 3500k? Thx!

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They don't make a 3500K version of the CR6, just 2700. Are you sure you don't mean LR6, which is available in both colors?

I'm in a room illuminated by Cree CR6 lights as I write, and really like them. Excellent color rendering, incredibly efficient and long-lasting, and nice looking (many LED floodlamps look like showerheads and glare in your eyes badly if you look up at them; but these are nicely diffused). The 2700K color looks exactly like incandescent lamps. I also like that they turn on immediately, unlike some LEDs that take a full second to light up.

The CR6 can be dimmed down to 5% (compared to 20% for the more expensive but brighter LR6), but I haven't had a chance to use these in a dimming application. They're not super-bright, but they're equivalent to a common 65w BR30 incandescent floodlamp in brightness. When comparing cost vs. halogen lamps, note that the CR6 and LR6 include their own baffle trim, a $10-$15 item that you'd have to buy separately for each halogen bulb.

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Thx very much for the response Lee. My mistake on the 3500k point. Glad to hear you like them. Since I first posted this my GC is recommending I go with MR-16 set up for halogen bulbs, and then if I like, I can simply swap out the halogens for LED. This confused me as I thought it was a completely different set up and housing for LED. Now Im wondering if these MR-16 LEDs are as effective? Any thoughts from the pros here?

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Love ours ... the light tone is beautiful and we can now light our kitchen fully with the less than 1/10 of what we used to use.

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I have been using MR16 LED in my kitchen for one year. I think it is effective. And I love warm white, ��cause it feels cozy and comfortable when I am cooking. You may have a try.

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Thx for info and thoughts. I think I'll give the MR-16 LED's a try.

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