Asko service issues - getting a washer replaced?

aboc1212October 19, 2011

I posted earlier about our Asko W6863 and our door issues ( . We are still having problems. The machine is still under warranty. Our 'Asko service tech' comes out in a timely manner and replaces the control panel, gives suggestions etc. They will be coming out next week for like the 6th time in 3 months. I called Asko once and they said to get a completely new machine our technician had to deem it 'unrepairable'. The tech seems unwilling to do that. Has anyone experienced this and if so do you have any advice? I have read around on this forum about some Asko service issues. Thanks in advance

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Check your state's lemon laws. Six times in 3 months sounds excessive. You may be able to get a refund or replacement if it's a lemon.

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"I called Asko once and they said to get a completely new machine our technician had to deem it 'unrepairable'. The tech seems unwilling to do that."

I know nothing about Asko. Do know a little about business.

You've borne with this for a while. "Done your part" so to speak. So...if it is, indeed, repairable, how 'bout let's repair the damned thing. Like NOW. It's not a's just a little ol' washing machine. So...What say we get this right visit...yes...period.

They should be allowed to attempt that. Under the warranty, they should be allowed to make things right. On the other hand, they've done quite a bit of that already. (And the guy they sent was an idiot....I agree with the others.) They should also be advised that, given all that's come before, this will be the last iteration. They can fix it or they can replace it...NOW...or your next option is which I mean legal.

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It has been several years, but ASKO replaced our washer, not once, but twice, with no fuss, and restarted the warranty period each time. (We still have an ASKO washer which should tell you how much I like the machine.) Does the service person work for the company from which you purchased the machine? If so, you might want to speak to the service manager, and then, the sales manager. If not, I would be tempted to return to the business where I purchased the machine and see if they could expedite matters. The last thing they want is an unhappy consumer.

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