are all faucets equal? Moen, Kohler or Delta?

stonitschJanuary 14, 2011

are all faucets between Moen, Kohler and Delta created equal? Meaning same quality? This would be for bath and kitchen. I have found faucets with all 3 makers that I like but don't know if one is better then another. I have seen some Grohe faucets and a pull down kitchen Franke that I liked also.

Opinions please!!!!

Thanks a bunch - - Pat

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I had Grohe in my last place. They leaked in unfortunate places. I think Moen and Kohler are about the same today. Delta a touch lower. Both Moen and Kohler have a life-time replacement guarantee. And at least with Kohler (which I have in my house) - I know they mean it. They've replaced 15 year old faucets that failed for free. US companies may not do everything the best - but - in terms of plumbing - they're hard to beat IMO. Robyn

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If I've learned one thing on GW, it's that NOTHING is all equal-- there are subtle differences among all things that we all can enjoy discussing at length!

Seriously, though, the summary of my GW reading on faucets:

1) Ask, are its internal parts all metal, non-plastic? or possibly, are all of its parts metal? (Some object to plastic head, some don't.) You can only determine this by reading the specs. Many manufacturers do a range of faucets at various quality levels.

2) Is there a dealer nearby for servicing under warranty?

We got a Grohe.

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I saw this website posted in another thread...

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet brand reviews

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