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Kristen HallockMay 22, 2013

I am heading to Home Depot today to hopefully buy the Ecosmart (Cree) kits for my 6" cans. The sheetrock is totally off the ceiling in my kitchen.

Does anyone know why the price for 2 kits on HD is $59.94 but 1 is just $24.97? Why would anyone buy them in a pack of 2?

I want to make sure I get the right lightbulbs to go in them. I'm not sure which ones I want. i think it was mentioned here to get 2700K, but thats all I know.

Or maybe does the kit (ECO-575) include the lightbulb? I cant really tell. Thanks!


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Yes, it is one piece that is the "bulb" and the "trim" together.

Pricing moves around quite a bit. They don't have 2- or 4-packs in the store, just on the web. In many areas, the local utility subsidizes the price, which may be why you see the bargain $25 in your area. Where I live it is $35 currently.

2700k will look pretty much the color (very slightly whiter) of regular incandescent lights. Cree just announced more color temperatures in their CR6 line (3000k, 3500k, 4000k), but I haven't seen them online yet, and the may or may not appear in the Ecosmart/HD version.

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Just something for you to think about, Cree sells an 800 lumen version of the CR6 in addition to a 575 lumen version. Only the 575 version is available at Home Depot (as EcoSmart). You can get the CR6-800L online (and maybe at some specialty lighting stores). The difference in price isn't that much, but if you're hoping for more light, it might be worth taking a look. The only difference is the lumens.

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Actually calumin, the 575 at HD now produces 625 lumens.

I used 6 800's over my island and one over my sink, with 575's elsewhere.

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HD carries both the 2700K (warm white) and 5000K (daylight) versions of the CR-6. Both are rated at 625 lumens, draw 9.5 watts, and have CRI of 90+.

Some folks prefer a higher color temp in task oriented areas. So you might consider the 5000K daylight version for the kitchen. But they do take a little 'getting used to'. I am currently converting the 4100K CFL cans in our kitchen to the 5000K CR-6. (Have 20+ 2700K CR-6s in the rest of the house.)

One other thing to watch for: At least here in California, they are offered both in normal Edison-style screw-in, and also GU-24 plug in. Be sure to get the correct version for the cans you are using.

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Kristen Hallock

I bought my Ecosmart lights online At HomeDepot.com and picked them up in the store. Online the output says 625 lumens, but the lights they gave me are in. Brown package, not green like the website, and it says 575 lumens. I'm attaching a picture. The model says ECO-575L right above and to the right of the UPC.

Did they give me the wrong lights? Maybe an older model? It says for 6-inch cans.

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attofarad is right. the new cree 6" cr series lights are 625 lumens.

i think they did this after they released the 4" version which also puts out 575 lumens. some of the reports i read were that the 575l and 625l version are actually indistinguishable, although the clip on the newer 625 lumen version may be more flimsy.

so you have an old version of the cree cr6 light, but it may be functionally very close (or perhaps slightly better) than the new one.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok, thanks. Maybe I will just keep them then. Our kitchen where the lights are going is just under 200 sq feet and I planned on having 8 or 9 recessed lights plus 2 or 3 island pendants, plus under cabinet lighting. So should be plenty, right?

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That older one has better installation clips/arms, and a better heat sink. Side by side, I could not see any difference in brightness or color or dimming. Maybe the new ones are brighter, or maybe the old ones were typically that bright too by the time mine were made.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok thanks! I put one in last night. It was very bright. Much brighter than the CFLs my husband makes us use now.

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Could someone tell me how many CR6 lights I need for this kitchen? I was planning to use 5 along the counter and one at lower left but reading above I am wondering if I need more.

Room actually extends 4' beyond the bottom of drawing where there's a table. There are currently two surface mount ceiling fixtures, one in front of the sink that I plan to remove and one over the table that I plan to keep. Thanks very much.

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I still see both the 625 lumen (green box) and 575 lumen (gold box) versions at HD, months after the green ones first appeared. Same SKU and model number, so it just varies from one store to another. If I order online, have no idea which one I'll get.

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