Question for lightguy on Cree LR6 Install

ronnykMay 14, 2009

Hi lightguy,

I am planning on installing several LR6's in our family room. Although 6" lights would not have been my first choice for size if availability and cost weren't issues (I got a great deal on the LR6), I would like to minimize to the extent possible the size of the holes/cans in the ceiling, if this makes a difference. Cree's installation instructions show that a minimum can diameter of 5.75" will work and their compatibility list shows cans that have ceiling hole requirements ranging from 6.25" up to 7".

First, will can size make a difference in terms of appearance? Second, what reasonably priced can would you recommend for use with these lights?


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Hey there.
Actually, whether you use a 5.75" diameter or a 6.25" diameter can which works with the LR6, it doesn't make a difference. Because when you install the unit and look up at it, the outside diameter of the LR6 will be the same. So the hole it's covering doesn't really matter.
So no, the can will not make a difference. As to what can to use- pretty much any solid 6" can. I'd probably avoid the $5.00 Big Box special cans. But you can probably find some good ones for under $20.00.

So what was the deal you got for the LR6's?

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I purchased a lot of ten LR6s on Ebay for $710, got 10% back from Microsoft from its Live Search cashback promotion. So all in all, I paid about $65 each for the lights Ebay also has its own promotion where they give you 2% back in the form of a certificate that can be used for future Ebay purchases, so there is another $14 from that as well.

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so, do i understand correctly that I can use the Cree LR4 light bulb (i think they call it an "engine") in any manufacturer's 120 volt 4" recessed can/housing?

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Modern Miss-

Unfortunately, no. You have to use a 5" housing to fit the LR4.

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