I need a recessed light plan for my kitchen remodel. Help!

Kristen HallockMay 10, 2013

We are doing a DIY remodel of out kitchen. My husband will wire and install LED undercabinet lighting. We also want to redo the recessed lighting since the kitchen layout is changing.

We currently have 6" cans in the kitchen. We are tearing out all of the sheetrock in the kitchen ceiling in the cabinet/island area. So pretty much anything is possible I guess.

We will probably have 2 pendant lights centered over our island. What I really need help with is where to put the recessed lights/what kind (LED seems popular)/what size and where exactly they should go (how far out from the wall?).

Here is a vision of what the finished kitchen will look like

And the exact layout

Since we already have 6" cans it would be nice to reuse those and just get new trim kits for them. Can that be done? I've seen a 5" trim kit at Lowes that can fit into a 6" housing. Our current recessed lights are black inside which I hate. So I definitely want to get rid of that. I will buy new housings if thats what it takes.

Thank you!

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CR6 or the RT6 should work fine - you will not see the black insides.

The following should help.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed guide

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using a CR6 or the RT6 lights will work great for this kitchen. I would also suggest taking under cabinet strip lighting into consideration. I will really light up your counter space and will make all the difference in your kitchen. The best part is, they are fairly cheap, last a long time and are easy to install your self! Good luck with you kitchen!

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Kristen Hallock

Thank you both. We will put undercabinet lighting in. Probably Seagull LED lights. My husband installed that brand in our last house and he is familiar with it. But perhaps we will try something else...any recommendations?

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EW Profile or maxlite.

Here is a link that might be useful: Led Ucl discussion

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Kristen Hallock

Whats the best place to buy the EW Profile lighting online? What should I expect to pay for the materials? I have the following upper cabinets that would need to be outfitted - I added in the breaks for windows/no upper cabinets

sink with window
24" angled lazy susan
break with a window, 42" range hood, window

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Did you look at

The separate upper cabinets should be wired directly instead of attempting to use jumper wires.
The 33" section could use a 11" + 21", mounting track, 1 jumper wire and 1 wiring compartment.

You need to include all the necessary parts to get the total price. - mounting track, wiring compartment, possible jumper wires.

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