Floodchek hoses...FYI

asoloOctober 27, 2007

Received and installed my new Floodchek hoses yesterday.

FYI....the hoses themselves are quite substantial. They are larger in diameter than typical hoses and somewhat stiff by comparison. Suspecting this might be the case, I also ordered four of their brass gooseneck connectors (bottom right on the web-page) so as to avoid flex at the connection points. For those who may be interested in these hoses, I strongly advise the gooseneck connectors be used with them. Using the gooseneck fittings results in a much better, less- stressful connection than without them.

Here is a link that might be useful: floodchek washer hoses

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Thanks for the info. Want to get these as well. Having suffered from 2nd floor water leaks before (not washer but poor plumber workmanship) these hoses seem to be a good idea.

For connection have also found Camco RV plumbing parts at Walmart that give you a 90 degree elbow. Camco also makes a 45 degree version.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camco RV Plumbing

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I found these hoses for a very good price on this site:


After having a minor flood in my basement due to a cracked hose, I decided I should upgrade to stop further damage. The hoses installed easily, and I did not need any L adapters, as the previous post stated. I can see however how some people would need them, as these hoses are very thick and stiff.

Shipping was rather quick from the above site as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheapest price I found

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That's a super great price of these hoses. I put them in during our remodel. Due to very tight space, I made up some 90 degree connectors by putting 3 brass connectors together. Four sets of brass pieces ended up costing more than the hoses but it was the only way to make it work. Those 45 degree goosenecks would not have worked for me as there was only about 2 to 3 inches behind the machine.

One note of caution... Most machines have a strainer on the water intake to stop debris in the water from damaging the water valves in the washing machine. Some build the strainer into the hose and others have it at the machine inlet. Either way you need one, and if your machine looks to have one in the hose you'll have to buy some rubber/brass strainers at a garden shop to be used in place of one of the washers in the floodchek.

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Just received mine from lowcostlaundry.

Question--they don't look quite like the illustration on the floodcheck website and elsewhere--the outer tubing is all the same dimension--there's no "flare" at the end near the connectors and no large "floodchek" logo. The tubing is ribbed, as well, but does say "Floodchek" on it.

I assume I'm getting genuine goods, right?

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Just would like to highlight gordonr's note of caution regarding the strainers on the intake end of the washer. We had our previous washer for about 10 years and it seemed to be taking forever for the washer to fill for both the wash and the rinse cycles. We checked the faucet valves and they were turned on fully. We finally called a repairman. Needless to say, it was a bit embarrassing (and a bit costly) for him to show us the clogged strainers. He did give us new strainers as I think he felt badly about billing us for the trip charge and labor. Although we were glad it wasn't something more serious, we did feel more than a bit numb-skulled about it.

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FWIW...I got mine factory-direct some months ago. The tubing is ribbed, as you describe, and there are smooth sleeves at one end of each imprinted "Floodchek". There is no printing on the ribbed hosing itself.

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will they work with a whirlpool duet 9400 do I need to get the strainer, if so what should I ask for? thanks

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I have them on my own Duet 9400 with the gooseneck extensions on both ends as described above. I have single strainers on each where it connects to the machine. Nothing special about the strainers. Many people don't use them. Available at any hardware store in any event.

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thanks, I will get them. Also my house has a filtration system since it is on a well so my water goes through an extensive sediment filter, so I suspect a lot of crud is already filtered out of the water. Also with respect to the manual shut off, I noticed that between the hot and cold fittings is a lever that I suspect operates to shut the water off, I never noticed it. Would it be a good idea to turn the water off between washings?

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IMHO, it's never good to leave any hose pressurized that doesn't have to be. That said, in over four decades I've not ever had experience with any laundry supply hose leaking.

I shut mine off whenever I'm not doing laundry. On/off is so easy it's no big deal. And I know what happens when something leaks. Things can get expensive.

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thanks, I did turn it off and I got the floodcheck hoses for my new washer. looks like its all good to go.

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Must confess, however.........

I also keep a large-lettered label stuck right next to the control button. It says "Supply Valve?".......so that I remember to open it before running the machine.

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well I will also because I find the best thing about being senile is I can hide my own easter eggs. I spoke with the floodcheck man today and he is sending my hoses out. Do you think the installer will give me a hard time about using them instead of the ones that come with the Duet.

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They are much higher quality than any of the OEM hoses, so they shouldn't hassle you. When our machine was installed the installer made mention of how nice they seemed.

Asolo... It doesn't really matter because of the robustness of these hoses, but technically I believe the hoses are still pressurized even if you have a shutoff. The valve at the machine is closed as is the valve at the wall so I don't see where any pressure can be relieved short of water leaking somewhere. It certainly would be nice if machines opened their valves for a second some minutes after the end of a cycle to relieve the pressure, but I don't know of any machines which do this. The Floodchek guy insists you don't need to have any shut off valve with these hoses, but it certainly can't hurt.

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The installer will be completely indifferent to the hoses you want to use.

I've never had a hose leak but I know people who have. The single-lever shut-off is a net plus in terms of safety. Floodchek guy is correct except for his use of the word "need". You don't "need" insurance either as long as you never have a loss. I am aware of these differences of opinion. For myself, I have the Floodchek hoses and I use my shut-off valve. At mom's place I have the Floodchek hoses and no shut-off valve because she has an older machine that does not have ATC and the only way to control my "warm" temperature setting is by adjusting the hot/cold valves the hoses are attached to.

I don't worry about either installation.

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done, will find the next thing to be oc about. But I admit did go and clean the laundy room and arrange things to welcome the new addition. oh so sad when clean clothes take over your life, but I laugh at myself!

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Just a word from an ex-Maytag Service Supervisor (yes, Virginia, back in the 70-80's when I worked there, they were twice as dependable as the rest. ALWAYS have the cone shaped strainer on the hose pointed out against the water flow. This helps keep your water valve from sticking and overflowing. You get debris in the water from many sources, sand from upstream, flaking off of the inside wall of your house plumbing where calcium has built up on the pipe etc. If your fire dept. opens up the fire hydrant in your neighborhood, it can churn up a lot of stuff that didn't have enough flow to move. In the 70's the hoses were solid brass and double crimped, one of the quality points we showed. Now my Maytag Neptune has plated steel and one of them is rusting when I just checked. I am getting ready to place my order.

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