Another Bosch Nexxt 500 issue

adrienneprattOctober 4, 2010

Hi, I also have a problem with a Nexxt 500 that I would really appreciate some feedback on.

I just received my machine - previously used without problem for 8 months - after 1.5 years in storage and an international move (involving bumps - there is a hairline crack across the top of the cabinet). No Bosch technicians here, aaargh!

There is now a problem with the cold water running constantly, either leading to intermittent draining when the machine is turned on and the water reaches a certain level (at which point pump switches on), or to door bursting open and flooding floor when the machine is turned off. This problem seems to occur on most cycles, though I am a bit confused as yesterday I ran the Permanent Press and Regular/Cotton cycles both on cold and they worked fine. Right now I put the Regular/Cotton on hot (right after a canceling a wonky XXtra Sanitary cycle) and the problem reoccurred.

From my Googling, it seems like this is a defective valve - perhaps one that closes very slowly. Maybe on those two cycles I mentioned there was no problem because the valve had finally closed, and/or because of the water temperature. Except that on the latter, each cycle seems to start with a very very short burst of hot water and then the rest cold - is that normal with this machine?. How do I know if the water is heating properly?

I would appreciate it so much if the tecchy forum members could confirm and advise. If it is a defective valve, how do I get at it to look? Will it definitely need replacing, or could it just need cleaning or something? Should any service technician be able to confirm the problem, or would only a Bosch technician be able to?

REALLY appreciate any help! Of course, like everyone else I would love to have a copy of the service manual that was mentioned in previous Nexxt posts given that there is no Bosch service where I live....

Thanks so much!

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Did you drain the unit totally before putting it in storage?
What was the coldest temp the 500 was exposed to while in storage?
Sometimes water freezing inside internal hoses can cause problems from expansion during freezing.

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