Island fixture - diff. ceiling heights

kimberlee19May 18, 2009

I'm a GW lurker for well over a year now and have learned so much just from reading.

We're building a kitchen addition. On one side we have 9' ceilings with all the cabinets, appliances, and island. The other side opens up to 18' ceilings with fireplace and two sets of double french doors. The fireplace is at the far end, and at the opposite end in the kitchen area is a beautiful set of cabinets surrounding my cooktop with a granite backspash to match my countertops (color Tan Brown).

We have a number of recessed cans in both areas and will have under-cabinet lighting. I'm challenged with the island light fixture. I don't want to obstruct the view from the fireplace area of the pretty cooktop surround, and vice versa, with a low-hanging set of pendants.

They've wired for the island light fixture, which is pretty much centered over the island. I'm worried if I got one of those three-in-a-row pendants that 1) it would hang too low and 2) it would stick out into the part of the room where the ceilings go to 18'.

Hopefully these photos will help you picture it better than I'm describing it... advice?

Rendering of the wall with the cooktop surround cabinets:

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