Maytag Bravo

dorry2October 19, 2010

Just this morning I noticed condensation forming on the mother board while doing my sheets in hot water. Have had this machine for eight months and never noticed this before. Have others had this experience with their Maytag Bravo?

I may have to call service. This is a concern because prior to deciding on a TL agitatorless Maytag, I did extensive reading and research. I do understand the mother board can go up, but nothing in my reading indicated condensation when using a hot water cycle.

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I have noticed this with my Maytag Bravos washer. I washed towels today in true hot water, using the internal water heater. I've done that many times with different loads of laundry, without seeing the condensation you mentioned.

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Oops -- I left out a key word. Sorry 'bout that.

I meant to say I have not noticed this with my Maytag Bravos washer. I apologize for the confusion.

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Motherboard? What are you referring to? Do you mean the control panel at the top back of the washer?
If so, no I have never observed any condensation on it - hot wash or otherwise. No problems whatsoever, in fact, with this machine.

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A motherboard is a circuit board that controls a computer or other electronic machines. A motherboard is not the same as a control panel, the vertical area at the back/top of the washer where the control knob(s) and buttons are located.

I have a new Bravos 850 and haven't noticed any condensation anywhere, except on the inside of the lid glass when I run a hot cycle.

"Motherboard can go up..." This comment has me stumped. Yes, you should call service and describe your problem.

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Per the parts diagrams and service info I've seen, Bravos machines have two printed circuit boards. The user interface board (buttons, cycle knob, indicator lights) of course sits directly behind the panel. The machine control board is a separate module mounted down in the lower right of the console.

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I too am having this condensation/moisture problem when washing with the "hot" cycle. I've had a Maytag Bravos 600 series for about 5 months. Has anyone gotten resolution to this problem? I am concerned because this moisture is on the digital control panel and am sure that moisture and electronics don't get along well.

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is the moisture just the steam from the hot water, escaping through the outer edges of the lid? If so, Im sure that will not bother anything. If the moisture got internally in the control panel, that may be different. Every top loader Ive ever had got moist on the control panel from hot water, never had a problem with it

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Yes, the moisture is the steam from the hot water escaping from the lid and if I had mechanical type knobs on the washer I wouldn't be concerned at all.

But it seems to me that failure of this control panel is inevitable because moisture and electronics don't play well together.

Has anyone had this condensation/moisture/steam resolved?

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what should they do? put air tight lids on HE TL's. Well that wouldnt work cause now your back to the same issue so many people have problems with on a Front loader. I dont see this as an issue unless someone pulls the control panel off and see's moisture in the control panel, not on the outside. Electronic panel have been out long before HE Top loaders...they survived

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Hi! I'm curious if there ever was a resolution to the condensation issue when running the Bravos on a Warm or Hot cycle. I have a brand new Bravos X, and it throws tremendous amounts of condensation onto the control panel. I, at first, assumed it was "normal;" however, it made me wary enough to put a small towel along the back edge to prevent the dripping water on the controls. If it's just a faulty seal, I will initiate a service call. If this is how it's supposed to be, I will continue to use the towel. My concern that as the unit ages and the protective plastic on the controls begins to wear with use, they will quickly fry. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Onemorejohnson: I was about to suggest the same thing with the towel. My Mom did that years ago when she washed in Hot cause she didnt like the water being on the bottom edge of the control panel of her washer. It was a Maytag 810 nothing electronic but she wanted to keep it "new" and it still looks that way today--and it is 30 years old.

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I just got my washer, (Bravo Maytag) back yesterday from the repair shop. I don't really know what they all found wrong with it, but it started out by water running out onto the floor. When they took it apart to fix it they found that water had ruined the computer, sorry, I don't know the technical names for all these things. I must say I have not noticed steam from around the motherboard but I rarely wash in hot water. But, if you are going to call the customer service, do not expect them to work with you because they don't. When I called them they said they would send a repair man, which they did, but then they said that after they get his report it would take 7 to 10 days to decide what they would do about it. After close to a month I got my machine back. BTW I had water leaking on the floor 3 times before it was fixed. Best of luck. I hope you have better luck with them than I did. If I understood the repairman the company makes the parts as they are needed so they don't have any laying on a shelf that they can send in a hurry. Patience is that you need with this company.

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