Can I replace the UC LED pucks easily (xpost on Kitchen forum)

swspitfireMay 4, 2010

Kitchen reno:

We just had our LED lights installed in 2 glass cabinets, and under the cabinets (all the same pucks). The illumination is abysmal.

The electrician supplied these and these were the only LED pucks he had to offer.

I would like to do more research and find out what I can replace these with.

I do not want to replace the rough wiring. If possible I was thinking I would remove the undercabinet pucks and install them to a few more shelves inside the cabinets. The shelves are wood so this would allow more (dim) light through out the cabinet space.

Can these removed pucks be added to the existing ones?

Can I install different LED pucks or strips with the same existing wiring/transformer?

Any recommendations?

I am in Canada but I will probably go to the states to see what they have to offer.


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What's the voltage used? 12v?

You might be better off with led strip lighting.

As long as there are convenient disconnection points, it would be relatively easy to swap out the lights and transformer. Ie: the in wall wiring is done separate from the pucks with connectors near where the pucks are.

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Hi davidtay
Yes they are 12 volts. They seem "stuck on ". Do you know if they can be easily removed? From the lack of illumination, I am guessing they are a pretty basic puck, nothing fancy.
It also said on the side of the puck, "limit of 8 per transformer". I have 9 so I should have 2 transformers.
Will one of these transformers be suitable for LED strips? Or do transformers match specific components?

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Hi swapitfire,
Try using a thin paper cutter blade to separate the pucks from the bottom of the cabinet.

Whether you can reuse the transformer depends on the replacement led lights.
For example, if the new light requires 24v, the existing transformer will not work out.
If the new light requires 12v, but the total current draw exceeds what the transformer is able to supply, the existing transformer will not either.

Look around for lights with the adequate light output first.
In the meantime, check how the lights are connected to the transformer.

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