Bosch Axxis washer - drum not turning

buffalotinaOctober 10, 2009


My Bosch Axxis washer is around 6 years old and suddenly this week the drum will not turn. I can hear a motor trying to do something but there is no motion of the drum! So, no wash and definitely no spin. A week or so ago I thought it was making a bad noise while on the high speed spin... I am wondering, would this be the bearings? Would the drum stop turning if the bearings were gone? Obviously I need to call in a service company but hoping for heads up from people here as to what the problem might be.

Many thanks.


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Can you turn the drum by hand, and if so does it make an awful grinding noise or similar? Does it turn with more or less difficulty than you recall before?

I am not a repairman, but....

If it makes a bad noise when you turn it slowly by hand or is totally siezed up I would almost think bearings or related component. If it spins quietly and very freely it almost makes me think that the belt connecting the drum to the drive motor may have snapped?

Any fault codes at all?

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If the drum can be turned by hand, then the bearings are not seized. Probably the belt broke. Typically a very simple repair. Remove the rear panel, wrap a new belt around the pulleys, adjust the tension if needed (probably not necessary), replace the panel, done.

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Thank you all so much!! Yep, drum turning fine by hand..spins freely. Makes sense it has to be a belt. So, do you think I can pull the panel myself and fix it myself? Only issue is getting to the thing - it is in a very awkward position and cannot be slide forward because it will fall off a concrete pad. Might have to have someone in just for that reason...Maybe I can suggest it is the belt so they have the part ready?

Thanks so much!!

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To update: Yep, I wish it had been the belt, once the back was off it would have been a trivial repair I could have done myself. Turns out the motor brushes were almost completely worn. Technician pushed them in a bit further but said it may last a week, a month, or maybe severalmonths, could not tell. I am not thrilled: The machine is only 6 years old. I was told I basically need a new motor either now or when it quits completely. It was $100 for today and the new motor will be another $200 to install. I guess I always knew the day would come when I would say... I should have got the Miele to start with. I think I will do the repair because if the machine goes another 6 years, then it is a good machine and works well. But after that, I am changing to Miele.

BTW, does anyone know whether it would be possible or worthwhile to replace just the brushes rather than the whole motor?

Many thanks!


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Hi Tina,

Yes, definitely it is worthwhile to replace the brushes only. Thanks to this post, that is exactly what we did and our problem is fixed. I had found a youtube video showing how to do this (not difficult at all to do, btw). When we suspected worn brushes to be the problem, we removed ours to see what they looked like. They were about 75% worn, but my DH thought they should still work. He asked a couple of electrical engineers at his work who said check the wear surface...if it is shiny, that indicates that it might not be conducting as it should. Sure as can be, one of ours had a smooth, shiny surface, and the other one was dull. I found a pair online, and with expedited shipping, this whole fix cost $50.

Initial symptoms were a loud, rhythmic clacking sound when the drum was spinning. And then the other day I opened the machine and the laundry was still soaked. I tried the spin cycle and the sounds sounded normal but the drum wasn't moving. You could still move the drum with your hands, though. And the belt was fine.

Thank you for everyone's contribution, and hopefully this post can also help someone else. I'm attaching a pic of our worn brushes.

Happy washing :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: This home site

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I have an Axxis that needed motor brushes at about the 6 year mark. It is still washing for a family of 4 and has not needed a single repair since. These are very good washers.

I think the motor brushes are the trouble. Your repairman is full of it if he thinks you need a whole new motor. The repair will cost a few hundred dollars, yes. Worth it, in my opinion. Try just the brushes first and go from there, if you want to save it or ditch it.

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