Air Switch for Lights?

rmiriamMay 20, 2010

I'm trying to put some accent lights in my new built-in bookcases, but the wiring and putting in a new light switch is proving a bit complicated. So I was thinking that I could put the lights in and plug them into an air switch, like one would put in for a garbage disposal, and the switch could be installed on one of the shelves. Does anyone have a reason NOT to do this? No one seems to use air switches for this purpose, but when I tested the garbage disposal one, it worked just fine.

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With the Maestro wireless a switch/dimmer could be cut in and the Pico remote can be hand held or mounted in a wall plate. One would need to tell the provider what type of lighting is being controlled to place the order.

There are other options at a store like

Seriously? An air switch in the bookcase?

Here is a link that might be useful: Maestro Wireless

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Sure. There are less expensive ones available through Westek too.

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