what LED color temp do you prefer?

phrogMay 10, 2013

For a new room in our home, we're planning to add recessed LED lights for overall illumination.

I have always tended to like color temps that approximate daylight (incandescent yellowish light seems like a failed attempt to simulate natural light), but I don't want the light to be too harsh. Whatever color temp, we'd put them on dimmers. What type do you prefer for indoor living areas?

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I have the same question. Recently I purchased a ECO SMART LED 5000K from Home depot and Installed it. It is like a day light - Bright white and looks very nice. Personally I like bright white light and not dull white. But looks like I cant find this 5000K anywhere. Most places it is 2700 or 2500K, and Most prefer warm colors (2700K) compared bright color(5000k)

Your opinion is appreciated. Do any one installed 2700K or 3500k? I prefer LR6

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Debbi Branka

All my lights are "daylight" which is a blueish color. I'm the minority. My kids say the house looks like an alien house from outside in the dark. But I love the color and have it in my entire house (mostly CFLs, but LEDs under the cabinets and in outside house lights and landscaping lights).

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Does light from daylight LEDs look the same as daylight CFLs?

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My preference is somewhere in the 3000 to 3500 range. The LED can lights I tried in that range didn't come on instantly (1/2 second to 1 second delay), and cost more at the time, and weren't available with a GU24 connection, so I ended up going with 2700k CR6 units.

In any case, my requirement that there not be jarring color temperature differences between rooms or fixtures is higher priority than the color itself.

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