LED can lighting cost

chaylabirdMay 26, 2010

I was thrilled to learn that there are LED can lights - we are soooo tired of our cans burning out and I would love not to have the heat they generate or the environmental/expense factors associated with them. Our builder just told they are very expensive - anyone have any experience with this?

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Right now, CREE solutions are at least cost competitive with title 24 compliant non-dimmable CFL cans and cheaper than dimmable CFL cans.

LR6 is about $80 (street price)
CR6 should be The can is separate and costs anywhere from ~ $10 - $18.

All the CREE lights mentioned are dimmable, CR6 down to 5% using most standard incandescent dimmers.

The light output is greater than that from a standard can with a screw in CFL (60W equivalent) or even a title 24 CFL can.

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Thanks Davidtay - that's very helpful!

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Another advantage of the CREE LR6 is that the light spot is not glaringly bright when you look directly at it unlike the traditional can lights.

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Can you source them for us? We're about to do some remodeling and the price is definitely higher than what you've quoted.


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You may want to try a couple of online sites
For instance

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Can someone point me to the place that translates all this into English? TIA,

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David, beautiful kitchen! Did you also use Polar Ray's undercounter LED lighting under your cabinets? TIA!

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No, I used environmentallights.com. There are alternative resellers for the same light bar who could be cheaper.

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They are more expensive around 80 a piece but if if you look at the long run you will save money over time. Considering most of them use around 10 watts instead of 60 or more. Also the do not put of heat like a regular light so this helps on your cooling costs. One thing that you want to remember when buying leds is look at the total hours it will last. and the brand makes a difference. Try to find a fixture that uses niche leds. There life in hours is more relistic.

Here is a link that might be useful: home lighting

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