kitchen reveal almost completed not staged kitchen-need tile help

magsnjJanuary 12, 2014

A year and a half after moving in, my small kitchen is almost done. This is a picture of what it looked like when I moved in:

Some of you may remeber it from me posting questions here. All of your help was invaluable (both direct and indirect), so THANK YOU!!

My objectives for the kitchen were:

- to make it feel consistent with the rest of the house (1928 small colonial)
-source as much as possible from the USA (preferably local)
-make it feel like a happy place to be

I stil need to add a backsplash. It's going to be Arctic White Matte Daltile (Made in NJ, USA) Subway Tiles. If you could please weigh in on what you would do on the wall of the stove, I'd appreciate it. The wall near the door is going to go up approx 5 ft. On the wall with the Stove, I'm tying to decide if I should go to the ceiling, to the first shelf and then the second shelf right above the range, or any other option I haven't considered.

I accomplished as much as I could with the budget that I had, and regret none of my color or sink choices. :) I'd highly recommend everything I used, bar the stove (oven's a little more shallow than I'd like, but otherwise it's great). Hope you like it!!

Cabinet Color: Sherwin Wiliams Bathe Blue (USA)
Cabinets: Design Line Frameless Cabinets (NJ, USA)
Cabinet Hardware: White Chapel Ltd (USA);
Faucet: Delta (USA-ish)
Range: Frigidaire Pro slide in (USA-ish) You can tell it's really professional by the Chicken Nugget Button
Fridge: Frigidaire Pro (USA-ish); Love it
Dishwasher: Kitchenaid Architect Superba (USA-ish)
Lights: Lucent Lampworks (Doylestown PA, USA)
Kitchen Counter: Honed Carrara Marble (Italy)
Pantry Counter: Pine (USA)
Floors: Original wood under the Linoleum
Sink: American Standard

BEFORE PICTURES (I'd like to say, I was really sad when this kitchen got taken had served so long)

I painted alot of samples before I decided on Cabinet Color....originally it was white with Yellow walls

The floor was actually super easy to maintain, and if the wood underneath didn't work out, I would have chosen another linoleum


AFTER PHOTOS I haven't been able to get the blue to photo true so here's the site address for the color:

The kitchen to have one flourescent light. I wanted to make sure it stayed bright.

This is the wall that I need to know what to do with the subway tiles:

Fridge (I won't take the plastic off til the kitchens done :) ):


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I would try 5 feet all around if it lines up with the shelves.

Or I would alter your plan for next the door to be even with the bottom shelf all around the room.

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I love your sink! And the BLUE! It's a wonderful look for a small space :)

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Super cute!! I love the beadboard in the pantry! I just want you to do more of that! There is beadboard tile, which could go to the ceiling.

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LOVE this bitty kitchen!!!
Definitely tile all the way to the ceiling and to the window trim. It would just be perfect.
That pantry! Adorable!
The blue is perfect. Love it with the marble.

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I think you get the cutest kitchen on the block award. : )

Nice job. I'll bet it works super-well for you!

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larecoltante Z6b NoVa

Very charming! I love the blue cabinets. I'm with ineffable--tile 5' up, although beadboard would be very pretty too.

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I adore your kitchen - I just want to walk into it! I love seeing an original, space efficient and super sweet kitchen like this. Great work! Without even reading the other responses, my first thought was more beadboard instead of tile. It really works with the shelves in the butler's pantry. I realize you need something else behind your range - perhaps you could use some of the subway tile there?

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I want to move into your pantry! One of the sweetest spaces I have ever seen. I like the idea of more beadboard or beadboard tile, but I have no doubt that whatever you do is going to be absolutely wonderful.

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Love the blue, the marble, and your pantry is terrific!!!

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That looks like a scullery (your pantry) lucky girl. Cutest kitchen ever. Beadboard in either beadboard (wood) or tile.

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What a fine job, Magsnj--congratulations. I love your scullery, too.

I have open shelving around my range, and subway tile BS. Going to the ceiling seemed overkill, because there was no natural stopping point on the entire wall. So I tiled to the second shelf of a 3-shelf wall. I think stopping it at the second shelf actually accentuates it more.

In your space, though, the inset cove really warrants taking the tile to the ceiling. There are more defined borders than what I have. Any wall the shelves touch (back and sides) I would tile to the ceiling.

Again, congrats on a really, really lovely and functional kitchen... and scullery.

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Thank you all for your kind words!

Ineffable and Larecoltante, I tried to invision your suggestion. Do you think that if it only went up 5 feet all the way around the kitchen (which is approximately the height of ther lower shelf), it would look odd above the range. I think that area would have to go up at least to the second shelf

Carsonheim, Thank you! You have no idea how many battles I fought to keep that sink. So many people told me to get rid of it, from friends and family to contractors. I loved it though, and I knew it would provide me a safe area to work (so I woudn't have to always be worried about working on marble) And then I picked the paint color and I think everyone thought I was nuts. It leaves you with alot of doubt about your choices. Not being a designer, you have no idea how nervous I was until it went in and I could actually see that I loved it.

Mayflowers, Thank you! I really like the way the pantry turned out with the beadboard, and I considered it for the kitchen, but ultimately I decided subway tile of the same color would be better b/c A: I wanted to pantry to be cohesive, but definitely a different room (beadboard and counter are different) and B: I was worried if I did beadboard in the kitchen it would look too much like a bakery. A very cute bakery, that charges $5 for a cookie, but a bakery nonetheless :) This way I think the kitchen and the pantry will both stand alone and be special for me. Ceramic beadboard is intriguing though.

ppbenn and peony4, I'm really tempted to go to the ceiling with it...I just don't want to be kicking myself. I was secretly hoping everyone would say "definitely go to the ceiling", but I've learned I'm a person who needs to edit her first instinct sometimes lol

Laughable, Thanks! It does work well for me. It's much better than it was in terms of function, and everything is very close which is very convenient and efficient :)

Marinagal, again, I worry about beadboard overload and then not liking it as much. I kind of like that it keeps me wanting a little more and I'm hoping I'll love white subway tile in the kitchen the same.

Thanks Loriinthenw and Cat_mom. The pantry was the most redeeming part of the kitchen floorplan when I bought the house and I wanted to do it justice. Then I new I had to have honed marble and the since I wanted the kitchen to be happy I was torn between yellow, green and blue. Really happy I took the chance bc so many people were tryng to convince me to do white b/c it's safer (and I'm sure I would've liked it too.....the blue is just perfect for me).

peony4 and romy718, I WISH it was a scullery. LOL. Love Lavender_Lass' scullery post.

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I love your kitchen! I like the idea of taking the bs to the ceiling.

Btw, love your hardware! Where did you find it?


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Oh my's the cutest kitchen! And I love that you fought to keep that sink...not that the rest of the kitchen is wanting in any way...but oh that sink - it brings back memories for me at my Pap-Pap's house where I learned how to cook...and he was my guinea pig. Again, you have so many wonderful things about your kitchen, but your sink is truly my favorite.

As for your question about the tile, I would definitely take it up the whole wall. I think that will look great.

Two things that I didn't see that I was wondering about - are you planning on putting in any type of hood? And do you have a microwave because I didn't see it and I wondered where you hid it.

Very nicely done.

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Wow, that is a great little kitchen! So charming in your space. I'd match the scullery look and take the tile all the way to the ceiling. Because it is such a limited amount of wall, I think you could tile all the wall showing on the range and sink walls and it would have a very cohesive, calming appearance.

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Thanks Aktillery. I'm very very tempted to take it to the ceiling on that side of the kitchen. Then the question is, do all the walls on that side of the kitchen to the ceiling? Or just the one the range is on? Or just the one the range is on, and the angled wall to the right of it? etc, etc, etc

The hardware is White Chapel Ltd. They were incredible. Very nice and helpful on the phone. I found them at the last minute after I bought similar restoration hardware ones and then found out they were made in Taiwan. The White Chapel Ltd hardware that I ended up purchasing is made in the USA.

I vented on gardenweb about my experience :). You can see the pics of the restoration hardware pieces next to the White Chapel Ltd pieces. The White Chapel Ltd pieces feel like a much better quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardware Post

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Thank you Andreak!! I don't have any plans to put in a hood. I was thinking about it, and I never use a hood. My mom doesn't use a hood either. Maybe it's the type of cooking we do, but I've never had the desire to use one. However, I do know things change, so I feel good knowing that it wouldn't be terrifically difficult to put one in since it's only shelving above the range.

I haven't had a microwave in a decade. If I changed my mind and decided I wanted a microwave, it'd go in the pantry for sure. I made sure that the back cabinets were deep enough that I could have one there and put in extra outlets.

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I'm glad others are weighing in on the BS to the ceiling. In the end, trust your eye... it hasn't failed you yet. Can't believe others didn't see in that sink and paint choice what you did!

In my mind, I still think you have a scullery. :-)

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Thanks Mag!!!

I know it's probably more spendy, but I'd take the tile to the ceiling on all the walls. With cabinetry. I love that look!!

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I'm with you williamsem. And if it ends up having too much tile, I could always throw in a hood after living with it for awhile to mix it up.

Peony4, most (not all, but most) of the gardenwebers liked my sink. Everyone was really, really nice and helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Post

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That is SO 1930s cute! But probably far more functional for you.

And I covet that sink. I really, really want a full-depth sink like that.

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I just love what you've done with the kitchen and pantry. You've kept the essence of the home and yet improved it vastly. Love the sink! Love the blue. I'm happy to hear you're going to take the subway to the ceiling. It'll look wonderful and be very functional.

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Thanks Lazygardens! That's exactly what I was going for!

I can't say enough nice things about the sink. It's such a workhorse and I love the look of it. I would've really regretted getting rid of it. For the most part I just use the marble to hold things. All of my prep work gets done on the drainboards or in the sink.

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Thank you Mlweaving_Marji!! I definitely was trying to keep the same feeling, just updated.

I'm leaning towarards going to the ceiling at this point. Wish I could visualize it better though.

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I'm so very impressed and full of admiration of your remodel!

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robo (z6a)

Beautiful kitchen! It looks JUST RIGHT. Wish I could help with the tile input but I know whatever you do will look great.

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Thank you one onedogedie and robotropolis!! I know it's not everyone's taste, but it's exactly what I wanted.

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Oh wow! Beautiful! I knew I was "uptown" when I saw that my stove had a chicken nugget button. I've yet to use it, but we've had a lot of jokes about it.

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What perfection! Beautiful floors under all that linoleum. Great looking shelves. Love the detail on the brackets. Marble is the perfect touch and your pantry is "da bomb"! The centerpiece of it all is that great sink. What a treasure... you were so smart to be able to save it! I think you know by now that I love it!

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Lakeview, I laughed as soon as I saw that button. At least we're not buying it (well, we did buy it, but we're not "buying" it). I haven't used it either (and most likely never will).

Beachpea3, Thank you! The shelf maker was supposed to use the corbels off of the original upper cabinet as a template to make the new corbels, and he got very close to what it was. I'm really happy you like the kitchen!

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Your kitchen turned out perfect!! Agree with everyone else, I LOVE that sink. My Aunt has one just like it & I happened to be there the other day for a visit & I was thinking to myself her kitchen is very outdated, but boy do I love her sink!

The cabinet color & the marble you chose, theyre all just perfect! And I love the corningware you displayed.

I could never make the decision about where to stop the tile, but you're in good hands here, they will guide you!!

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A vey charming kitchen! Another vote for tile to ceiling on the walls.

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I remember your previous threads and how you struggled with placement of appliances. It looks great! Love the blue, and your sink, and the pantry.

Here is another vote for to the ceiling, and I think that I would include the diagonal wall, because the shelves extend onto it and visually it seems a continuation of the stove wall. However, if you budget won't stretch that far, just the stove wall will be fine. Up to the 2nd shelf I think would be fine, too, but to the ceiling will be better.

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It is very charming and homey! Floors look beautiful with the blue cabinets. Well done and enjoy!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I'm in love with your kitchen! And the pantry! I missed the post about the sink, but I'm so glad that you kept it. I don't have any advice for the tile; honestly, I can't imagine this kitchen being any better, one way or another--it's perfect!

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All of it. And that pantry... just a touch jealous of that darling and so useful space.

Vote for tile to the ceiling.

You did a great job esp. in keeping that sink.

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Wow. What a wonderful job you've done updated yet maintaining the period feel of your home. It is just lovely. And, the first thing I noticed was that you kept the sink...great choice!

My vote is to take the tile to the ceiling but I think it's gorgeous no matter what you choose.

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Wowzers! I love what you did with the space. Is all the cabinetry new, or did you reuse any of the original? I really, really love your sink, and the colors you picked are perfect.

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Homebuyer23 Thank you! FINALLY. Lol. Somebody noticed the corningware. :) I'm not sure exactly what's going to be staying where on what shelves yet, but so far I like the look of the corningware. I've been trying to make the kitchen look like it could've developed through the years, and the corningware helps. I thought it'd be gratuitous to have my griswold cast iron skillet on the stove. ;D

Motherof3sons, raee, deedles, and dutty, It looks like the "to the ceilings" have it. I wonder if doing all the walls on that side to the ceiling would be overkill? Otherwise I like raee's suggestion of the range wall and the diagonal wall.

mama_goose and tinker1121 (and everyone else!!) Thank you for liking it! After putting so much effort into a kitchen, and being on gardenweb the entire time, trying to get tips, it's so nice that gardenwebers take the time to post compliments! It makes me feel so good that you like it as much as I do! (Do I sound too much like Sally Fields at the Oscars? You like it! You really, really like it!")

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marti8a, Thank you! I wish some of the cabinetry was original, but there wasn't much there to begin with. The only built-ins that were there, you can see in the first couple of pics. It was one glass upper (which I actually loved) that was attached to another half upper and a broom closed that the wood was different on.

The best I could do was take the corbel off of the upper to use as a template for the open shelves. Other than that, the sink and the wood floors are the only original things to the kitchen (and the trimwork of course).

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Beautiful Space. Love the blue of the cabinets. Glad you kept the sink.

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For that little bit of space left alongside the window and under the cabinet, I think it'd look funny not to tile it.

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I'm so glad you kept the sink, I appriciate how hard it is to keep true to your vision. The pantry is awsome, particularly it's windows! I would have expected this kitchen to have a door to the back yard. Great paint color, it looks nice with the floors.

May I ask what you had to do with the floors upon removing the linoleum? If the flooring oak? I hope the wood floors under our lino can look as good.

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Too cute! Wish I had a professional chicken nugget button!

Not just like it LOVE it! Love the color especially and the adorable pantry.
For function, I'd like tile behind the range, for looks, bead board. Guess I'm no help.

I too noticed the corning-ware. I have the identical stuff from my mother in law.

Good luck with your choice and congratulations on a remodel that kept the charm and added tons more. :)

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Thanks akshars_mom!

May_flowers, That would look weird. LOL. I was thinking that the 2 walls would go to the ceiling and then the others would go up 5 feet. But if it'd look better for all walls to go all the way to the ceiling, I'd do that (still wish I could visualize it)

Thanks Lannegreene! The window in the pantry makes me really happy. I think I even made a suggestion to someone on gardenweb once to make sure they got a window in their walk in pantry if they could b/c it makes it feel more like a happy room and less like a closet. The kitchen actually does have a door to the backyard. You can see it in the pic I'm attaching of the floor after it was ripped up. The floor is sugar pine. It had alot of black "tar" on it when we pulled up the lino. We had wood floor people come in. They had a sander with a hepa vacuum on it and said even if it had asbestos on it, it wouldn't matter b/c it wasn't going to get in the air. There was no dust whatsoever. If you live in central nj, I can give you the name. For my kitchen (no more than 200 sq ft), it cost a little under 500 to get it completely refinished (I tore up the linoleum myself with a trowel) and I live in NJ which can be pricier than other states.

Oh Sanjuangirl, I remember when I could only dream of having a chicken nugget button. I'm sure some day you'll make it to the big time too. Until then, be sure to read the instructions on the box very carefully. :) Or better yet, don't make chicken nuggets! Thanks so much for your kind words! The color makes me happy every time I enter the kitchen.

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i vote for tile to the ceiling. prefer crackly tile in a larger format like 6x18 or something like that to ease in unevenness in the ceiling. you will have a hard time making 2x6 look right because your ceiling is not likely to be flat/level. take lots of time and care laying it out to make sure you are not left with a thin sliver of tile that changes size to a thick sliver across a wall as that would be quite obvious to the eye.

I love what you have done so far, it is just plain lovely, comfy, and welcoming.

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I really love this kitchen! So amazing what you did with a small space. The blue is really beautiful, much as I love a white kitchen, the blue is lovely and different.

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Yay, another vintage sink rescued!! I love the color, the Shaker cabinets, the pantry, the blackboard, the kitty, the schoolhouse lights, everything. But most of all, I love that you stood firm for what you wanted in the face of naysayers.
The area where the fridge is now--was that just an empty space before?

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I love all of your choices! Beautiful result!

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How did I miss this reveal? OMG, I love your kitchen! It's adorable and efficient and painted in blue, my favorite color. What a wonderful, vintage sink; I'm glad you kept it.

Sorry, no help with backsplash from me but I had to comment on your kitchen.

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Thanks Detroit_burb. I want the kitchen to have a vintage type feel, so I'm going to be sticking with the 3x6 subway tiles that you see in pics of old kitchens. I know the ceiling isn't level but I'm ok with things not being perfect in the kitchen. It's an old house, so if it did look perfect it'd be the only room. lol

hpny2, you have no idea how close I came to doing white....and it would've been lovely.......but I'm so happy I committed to the blue and I ended up loving it. Thanks so much!

iroll, where in the world do you see a kitty? I put up a gate to keep the animals out. lol. One cat seems to think that the marble is for her (b/c she's the queen) and any time she gets past the gate, she's laying there (see pic below). In the second pic I posted at the top you can see a freestanding table/cabinet that they had where the fridge is now (it has a wood top and a fire extinguisher on it in the last pic of the collage). I would've loved to have had that spot as counterspace as well, but I couldn't stand the fridge being where it was originally, plus the new fridge is much bigger than the old one (which I wanted), so it wouldn't have fit where the old fridge was. Thanks for loving the sink. I fought up until the last day of signing the contract for the cabinets. lol.

Thanks rebecca3142!! I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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Precious kitchen! Awesome job!

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Thank you Lisa_a!! I'm like how efficient it is too!!! I did go to my friends house yesterday and get instantly jealous over her expanse of beautiful countertop though. :-)

Thanks frmrswife!

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Thank you Lisa_a!! I'm like how efficient it is too!!! I did go to my friends house yesterday and get instantly jealous over her expanse of beautiful countertop though. :-)

Thanks frmrswife!

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I love your gorgeous kitchen. That blue is so bright and refreshing. And as a fellow cat owner, I love the way she matches your counter ;)

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Totally charming kitchen. So light and peaceful and pretty.

Kitty on the marble countertop is the perfect accessory.


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Thank you chiefy76 and scootermom!! She certainly thinks she's the perfect accessory to the kitchen!

I cannot wait for the subway tile to go in!

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I was so sure I had commented on this before!

Well, I will make sure it posts this time--

I absolutely adore your kitchen! It is so charming! I love the blue cabinets, and that pantry is beyond CUTE! I want that pantry in my house! I am so glad you kept the sink, too. The marble is gorgeous and looks so right in this space.


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Your kitchen is exquisite. A favorite. Thanks for sharing it and showing it can be done: charming, functional, high end touches, historic, and nearly all made in USA.

I think you are my soul sister! I am so happy to find someone as stubborn as I am about salvaging the old and buying made in USA. Boy do I know how much extra time, leg work, and fending off eye rolls from contractors and vendors it takes. I couldn't wait to scroll down and see what made in USA counters you went with as that is the part that I am really stuck on right now. And then I saw you went for it. Italian Carerra. Maybe your kitchen is the shove I need to give myself to do the same. I am driving myself crazy over it. I don't know if it is rude, but may I ask about how much it cost for your counters including materials, fabrication and install, and around how many sq ft they are?

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I love your choices. The blue cabinets, the marble, and your pantry just blew me away it is so darn cute! Great job!! Enjoy cooking in it and making many happy memories.

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My tile's going in next week!! I'm so excited!!

Shelayne and Ikeltz, Thank you! I keep seeing the word cute when people comment on my kitchen. While people who cherish sophisticated kitchens may scoff at a kitchen like mine, I have to say, I really enjoy my "cute" kitchen. It's like taking a Prozac every time I enter my kitchen...the cuteness really is a mood enhancer. :) Even when I'm stressed out trying to get a meal together for company, I'm still whistling while I work and I'm sure that's b/c I enjoy being in the room so much.

Brandywine72, I emailed your gmail account with my marble cost. I laughed when you mentioned the "eye rolls" of contractors. You hit the nail on the head with that one. As I mentioned in the email, I believe that Danby marble is quarried in Vermont. Other options I considered, and really liked, were pietra cardosa, soapstone, slate or wood (I ended up with wood in the pantry). But honestly, as interesting as those were to me, I just kept coming back to white marble. Once a countertop hooks you, you might as well stop looking at others if it's in your budget, bc it's just a waste of time and energy.

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Please promise you will post pictures of your kitchen when the tile is in. This truly has been one of the most beautiful reveals I've seen. I am in the middle of a remodel myself, and your kitchen just spoke to my soul. I would take a kitchen like yours any day, over a so called "sophisticated" kitchen. I showed it to my hubby, and his first comment was that whoever did this kitchen had good vision to create such a great end product.

We are also doing carrara marble and I was just wondering how long did it take you to find the right slab?

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magsnj, I see you are going with subway tile? Just wondering what your thoughts are on the grout color? I didn't see that mentioned above (sorry if I missed it) and I want to put forward the idea of a darker grout like in the pic below... maybe a med. grey would look fabulous with your blue cabs. Just such a neat look IMO and could be a perfect touch for your kitchen. Just thought I'd throw it out, fwiw.

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Ikeltz, i promise i will post so many photos of the kitchen when it's done that you'll be sick of it. Lol. It took around 3 (non consecutive) days to find the marble. I went to four different stone yards (relatively close to each other in NJ), had my head slightly turned by Pietra Cardosa (fun fact, it's quarried very near to the place carrera marble is quarried), and then actually ended up going with a slab that my fabricator had. My fabricator stocks some slabs from the stone yard they do the most business with (and get the best price from). If i had known this when i started i would've saved myself some time. They had made some lovely selections. One thing i did that I'd recommend doing is going to see them make the template before cutting. My fabricator seemed to think it was odd that i wanted to be there (thank you Gardenweb), but i got the'lightening strike' vein placed exactly where i wanted it on my counter.

Thank your husband for his kind words!! After the number of inspiration magazines and books i went through, I'm sure I'm more plagiarist and less visionary. ;)

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Thanks Deedles! I love that pic! Yesterday i put out a panicked post regarding my grout choice, ran to home dept, and came right back to my original choice. It's a greige color. Below is a pic with it in someone elses kitchen. It's called antique white by polyblend.

Here is a link that might be useful: my grout post

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What a fantastic kitchen! So classic. I had a similar sink and pantry in our old farmhouse--I think my sink was a double though. I adore the paint color on the cabinets--it is hard to see it in these pics but pretty clear in your backsplash thread.

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Deedles, i just showed DH the pic you posted and he has officially stopped talking to me. Lol

Here's a pic of subway tile progress made today. All the tile on that side will be going to the ceiling. As of today, I LOVE IT. :) Tomorrow the grout will be put on.

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Ikeltz, i showed DH your comment bc it was so nice, and he said 'it speaks to her soul???? Is she sure it doesn't make her heart sing??' Lol. As i dragged him from kitchen place to kitchen place i would say things like 'it speaks to my soul'. Finally when i was trying to convince him of the blue ( he loves it now by the way, and tells people he chose it) i said 'it makes my heart sing!!!' I think that was the tipping point for him. :) thanks for the memory!

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Whoa! That looks great! Man, you guys are fast, too. I think your grout will look perfect. Always like that slightly darker line with the subways. Anyway, super nice job on the tile.

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LOL, that gave me a chuckle. Glad I could bring back some fun memories for you. Thanks for the tip regarding being present when the template is made. I'm envious of how quickly you found your slab. I don't think that will be the case for us. Where we live, (upstate NY) marble is not very popular, so it's going to be quite the challenge. Fortunately, we are working with a wonderful fabricator, who is going to help us find our perfect slab (they actually have a slab that is gorgeous, but sold for someone's bathroom, only 2cm anyway so we couldn't have used it) At least they know what I want in terms of shading and veining, since they have my dream slab.

I had to laugh when I read about all of your kitchen magazines. I too, have dozens of them. I told my DH that when our kitchen was finished, I would miss looking through all of my magazines. I don't think I can part with some of them. I will have to post pics of our remodel. DH is building the cabinets. Should be done by summer. Can't wait!

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Ikeltz, you have no idea how jealous I am that your DJ can build cabinets. You're really lucky!!

The grout is in! While I think I could've gotten away with going a little darker and possibly more gray, I'm so happy with the way it looks that I'm not goingto harp on it.

A couple days of drying and then the shelves can go back up and I'll probably try to stage it and take out my good camera for the final reveal.

This post was edited by magsnj on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 15:58

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Looking at the above pic i probably should've gone darker. Lol. I'm so happy with it i just don't mind though

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Looking at the above pic i probably should've gone darker. Lol. I'm so happy with it i just don't mind though

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I love it with the color grout it has now. It has plenty of texture without outlining every tile. A great easy, inexpensive, I would suspect, very clean looking treatment of that wall behind the stove. And easy to take care of too! You've made a lot of great decisions with that small charming space. I can't wait to see your final reveal!

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I LOVE it!! I think the grout you chose is perfect. My DH just took a gander and agrees. I'm not a fan of the grout taking center stage when it outlines the tile. This is perfect, especially with your gorgeous marble counters. I can't wait for the final reveal. Relax and enjoy your beautiful new kitchen. You've done a fantastic job.

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Looks beautiful!! Can't wait for more photos!!!

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As a fellow old house owner (mine is a 1925) you have done an absolutely fabulous job with your beautiful kitchen remodel! It has the vintage charm of yesterday and the modern function of today. Small kitchens can be absolutely wonderful. I love that you were able to reuse the beautiful original sink, the glassed cabinet to the right of the sink and re-purpose the cubby into a lovely pantry. Your choice of color for the kitchen cabinets is great, love the blue! I'm glad you were able to refinish the pine floors, they came out gorgeous. The classic carrera marble for your counters, again a timeless choice.

Great decision on the tile backsplash, perfect all the way to the ceiling. It looks great with the open shelving!

In our recent kitchen remodel, we chose the same subway tile for our backsplash, Arctic White Matte Daltile 3 x 6, but chose Alabaster for our grout color. Our cabinets are a white/cream color with white appliances. You were able to go with a little darker grout which looks great with your blue cabinets and stainless appliances. Excellent! You will love your choice of tile, we sure love ours.

Your kitchen stands out as one of my favorites! Great job!!

Looking forward to a final reveal soon. :)

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I agree that the grout is perfect -- with the tile going to the ceiling (love that!), I think with any more contrast between tile and grout colors the grout lines themselves would take center stage - not what youâÂÂre going for here.

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Wow, really gorgeous! The tile and grout look great. I love the application to the ceiling.

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Looks great! Love the tile to the ceiling and absolutely can't wait to see it with the shelves and everything back up.

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i love your pendants above the sink. Where did you find them?

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NWRain-Gal, your kitchen is lovely. I love how you're able to display items at the top of your cabinets, and all of your choices really suit the age of your home perfectly! I love when people put thought into the character of their home as a whole, and not only what their favorite style may be or what is currently "in". Did you post a final reveal of your kitchen?

I'm so happy that everyone likes the tile/grout as much as I do! On the other side of the kitchen (I haven't shown it yet b/c the door still needs to be painted blue) I only went up 50 inches, and while I still think that's the correct decision on that side, it looks really neat up to the ceiling on the range side.

revovatesue, I bought my pendants (and all of my other kitchen lighting) off of an Etsy store called Lucent Lampworks. It was very important to me that I buy as much as I could in the USA, and these lights are from Doylestown PA, made of all made in USA components except for one part that he said you really can't find made here (I forget what part it was). I actually drove out and saw the lights before I purchased them and you couldn't meet a nicer person than Brad. He has many lovely pieces:

Lights: Lucent Lampworks (Doylestown PA, USA)

Here is a link that might be useful: etsy link

This post was edited by magsnj on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 15:24

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Carrie B

Such an inspiration! Another GWebber just pointed me in your direction, as I try to figure out how to lay out my very small, somewhat awkward kitchen. What' you've done with yours is beautiful!

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Adorable, stylish, and charming, the blue being *perfect* for a smaller-sized kitchen! IMO, the great thing about a small kitchen is you can be more creative and colorful, making it even more personalized.

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Thanks for the kind words. I love my upper lighted display cabinets too. So glad I changed my decision from clear glass to seeded glass. Much more of a vintage look, and they weren't that much more costly then clear glass.

I haven't posted a reveal just yet because we are not quite done. We are at the loose end, fine tuning stage now.

We've been at it since August 2013. Whew! We did run into some surprises along the way, and that delayed the timeline. Old houses...gotta love them!!

I have to learn how to post multiple pictures before I can do my reveal. Learning curve! :)

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Everything about it looks amazing. What a wonderful project, I'm so glad you are happy because you should be.

I am just getting around to thinking about sort of making plans to redo my smaller kitchen at some point in the vague future. I hope you don't mind being one of my role models.

It is the way and the law that our pets must match the kitchen, kitty clearly understands this and since she is not blue, she goes to the marble.

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You know, looking at the tile/grout again, I've revised my thoughts on the darker grout. In such a small space it could have been 'grid-ey' and became too visually advancing. I think you made the right call. So gol dang cute in there!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

How's the kitchen remodel coming? Would love to see an update!

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I love your kitchen and tile choice!!!

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I'm going to have pics posted this w/e. I just finished repainting the shelves and the door today (It was supposed to be done a month ago..... but I think it's taken that long to forget the trauma of putting the open shelves up over the tile.... long story)

I can't wait to get the pics up! It'll give me a sense of closure. :)

This post was edited by magsnj on Wed, Apr 2, 14 at 21:15

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This is my FAVORITE FAVORITE GW kitchen. It has soul and personality. I look at your pictures and just want to wander in there and linger, feeling the coziness and healing properties of that welcoming and nurturing space. It feels like a li'l ol' soft grandma with arms outstretched waiting to hug me. It does NOT remind me of so many cold, hard casket like fancy kitchens in the pictures. This one has a warm heartbeat throughout. Fantastic job, and I'm sure with the elbow grease/blood/sweat/tears you put into her you'll love her all the more over the years!!

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This is my favourite GW kitchen. I could never have your kitchen because my home is a characterless condo, but I love your choices. I find the colour of blue you chose for the cabinets UTTERLY charming and fresh-looking.

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Have the shelves gone back up yet? I would love to see the finished wall. You have created such a darling, perfectly done kitchen. Love it. Really love it.

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You're all really too kind! I just finished taking the photos and I'm about to upload and post..... my problem is that I have SO many that I really like. :). I'm going to figure out a way to edit so it's only an absurd amount.... but I'm going to post a lot, darn it, b/c for all the work you put into kitchen remodels, you should be able to show it all! LOL.

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I just posted the photos of the COMPLETED kitchen :).....I thought a hundred comments were the limit so I started a new thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: New thread with photos

This post was edited by magsnj on Sat, Apr 5, 14 at 20:50

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