Can you lay a fluorescent light on its back?

graywings123May 25, 2009

Some compact fluorescent bulbs have notes on the packaging that warn against using them upside down or sideways. Does the same apply to fluorescent tubes?

I have an interior room in which I want to lay a fluorescent tube light on the top of a bookcase, hoping to give some light to the room inexpensively. I plan to leave it on all the time. I was thinking of using a 48 inch two-light strip fixture.

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That's a perfect use for that fixture.
Linear fluorescents are used all the time in valences and on top of kitchen cabinets.
A two light may be too bright, though.

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Thanks! I will reconsider the size.

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I've never seen the indirect light that is too bright. If you want some dimmer options you could do ropelight as well. I have fluorescent fixtures on the shelf and they are my favorite lighting.

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I received an e-mail asking if I had done gone through with this idea and what the result was. I ended up not doing it, and instead placed two buffet lamps on the sideboard.

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I used fluorescent light fixtures for indirect lighting on top of my kitchen cabinets. The ceiling vaults at 12 ft. Next month will make 3 yrs. since installation, and they've been problem free -- absolutely no regrets with my choice. I was careful to purchase ones that were in the 2700k range (warmer light), single tube, and linkable.

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Fluorescents with separate ballasts are not position sensitive. The CF bulbs with integral ballast sometimes are position sensitive due to the heating effects of the ballast.

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