NOTICE: Persil Users - Gold powder (Polish?)

livebetterOctober 19, 2010

I was just informed by someone at Henkel in Germany that the Persil powder version some of us have been buying (looks like it comes from Poland or other European countries - not Germany) is NOT the same as the German versions.

Henkel had difficulty getting their Persil shipments here and someone "else" found a way to buy it from somewhere like Poland and start an import business. These packages have no English on them and look like these

He referred to them as the "cheaper" Polish versions.

He explained to me how Henkel makes different versions of Persil to suit different countries needs (for example people in Malaysia are washing different than people in Germany or Argentina). Makes sense.

I also found out the Sensitive Color Powder version I purchased (Polish) contains optical brighteners (even though products made for colors in Germany do not).

I just wanted to post this information as an FYI.

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Yup, Henkel owns the Persil brand in Germany, but Unilever owns it just about everywhere else IIRC.

Similarly, Sun Products owns the brand Surf in the US, but Unilever (IIRC) everywhere else.

The world is a crazy place.

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The Polish Persil product I did purchase is made by Henkel. It says Henkel right on the bag.

As I explained, Henkel makes different formulas for different coutries.

I am aware that Persil in places like the UK is not the same.

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andersons, just to clarify ... this is what I read ... appears Henkel actually own the rights in most places.

Persil is manufactured and marketed by both Henkel in some countries (including Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and most other European countries in addition to Middle East countries as Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria) and by Unilever in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland, since acquiring rights to the brand in 1931. Both Henkel and Unilever manufacture their own formulations.

Henkel also markets Persil under the name Dixan in Cyprus, Greece, and Italy, and under the name Wipp in Spain and China.

Henkel also sells its Persil formulation in France under the name Le Chat.

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