Problem with Dryer exhaust

pcthompsonOctober 21, 2012

Our dryer exhaust consists of 6 feet of flexible hose into 16 ft of the 4" green pvc/sewer line. The last foot before the vent is insulated on the outside with duct insulation. There is one elbow where the flexible hose attaches to the PVC. The clothes take forever to dry and when I checked the line it has standing water in it (maybe a 1/4 inch). The pvc pipe is level, and exits through a brick wall, so I cannot really change the slope of the pipe. I also cannot change the venting. It must go down through the flow and out through the basement. I am worried that the distance from the dryer to the outside may be too far. Is there a fix for this problem? Do I need a new dryer with a stronger blower? Do I need to insulate the pvc pipe?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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I just installed a booster fan about 10 days ago. Seems to work quite well. Cuts the drying time down by 25% for most loads.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tjernlund Products Dryer Duct Booster

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Installing a booster fan will help the drying time. You can see if that also helps with the standing water, it might. If not, I like the idea of insulating the PVC pipe, that should prevent the condensation that you're apparently getting now. Between the two of these things, your venting situation will be fine, I'll bet.

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