eco4 housing confirmation needed

dylan3dMay 25, 2012

I'm going with ECO4-575L-GU24 for my kitchen recessed lighting. I just want to confirm I can use the Cree H4 - 4" Recessed Housing with GU24 Socket. It seems like it should work but it also say "Only for use with Cree LR4 Series."

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Since they are both Cree products, I would suggest contacting Cree directly. Or just buy one and see for yourself -- that is what I did with the Nora and Elco cans.

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If you are wondering about whether the inspector will disallow the installation of the ECO4 (or the 6") in a housing that wasn't specifically listed for it, but fits okay, I am also wondering that. I'm about to install 22 GU24 cans in my kitchen and planning to use the 6" Cree GU24 LEDs, in Elco GU24 cans. The Elco and Nora housings are half the price of the CREE.

The Nora has the GU24 socket screwed to the top of the can -- the wire length on the 4" ECO-GU24 makes it a bit of a difficult reach to attach unless you have small hands. Since the 6" ECO GU24 no longer comes with the pigtail, I don't think it can be used with the fixed-attachment Nora can. The Elco housings have "adjustable" socket position.

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I emailed Cree product support. I asked about the h4 but also inquired whether there is a led specific/title 24 housing they would suggest to go with the eco4-gu24. I'll post what they have to say.

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The Eco4 GU 24 will not fit in the Cree H4 housing. The Cree H4 is closer to 5 inches than 4. I emailed Cree several months ago about the exact same thing. My contractor was able to find 4" IC new construction housing for the Eco4 GU24 which I'm planning to use.

I noticed that the Eco4 GU24s were available online a few weeks ago. Are they available in store now? I've been waiting for months.

If you need the details of the housing I'm using, let me know and I'll get them for you.

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I think that the GU24 version of the Eco4 is only available online (HD).

It fits okay in both the Nora and the Elco GU24 4" housings, but the Elco is a bit easier since the socket isn't screwed to the top of the can.

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Yes, Cree confirmed the eco4 would not fit the h4. They even sent a photo to illustrate the point.

newtoremodel - Yes, I'd like to hear another option that would work.

I'll check the Elco as well.

It sure would be nice if Home Depot made a few pairing suggestions with the eco4 gu24.

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The housing our contractor has is from Elite - Catalog # B4-GU24-IC-AT-W. The socket has a small amount of adjustment since it's attached to a plate that slides up and down.

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