Laundry room layout?

CamGOctober 16, 2012

We had a great laundry room planned for our new build, then my general pointed out that we forgot to put a HVAC flue chase in. So, it has to go through the laundry room.

What do you think about this layout? The sizes should be pretty much correct, with a 2' deep counter, a 21" sink or so in the counter, and normal sized washer and dryer.

This has the washer and dryer on an exterior wall, so I gave an additional 6" of space between their backs and the wall for venting. Is that enough? General thoughts? Thanks!

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Don't care much for it because the doors of both the washer and dryer will hit the surrounding walls (or each other) when opened halfway, and most "normal size" machines will protrude several inches from your 24"d countertop. I'd move the sink into the corner, facing the same direction as the W and D and not have the countertop wrap around the corner but rather just run to the end of the wall, then drop a nice laundry sink into the countertop. That way the washer (as shown) can open its door fully, and you can still stand in front of the sink. Try to find a washer with a eight hinged/left opening arrangement. Extend the countertops to the front edge of your installed laundry machines - you can cut a few inches from the dryer depth by venting to the side rather than back (unless your outside exhaust is directly behind the dryer). Plan carefully and you can have both machines close to the front wall.

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What is an HVAC "flue chase"? Must be a regional semantics thing... I've never heard this term. TIA

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@lee676 has a good suggestion re: moving the sink into the corner, IF you are not counting on using all that counter space and if your sink will fit. It keeps all the plumbing on one wall and will help the room feel and look larger.

BUT, if you do this, make sure the washers won't stick out so much that you're left with a tiny space in which to get to the sink. My own FL washer sticks out a full 36" from the wall to front of (mostly closed) door. Something like this could affect your resale-ability of the house in a less-than-great real estate market. Keeping the sink where it is drawn would make more sense.

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Sink in the corner won't work with posted floor plan, as it is drawn. I found my ruler and measured your pic. A washer/dryer that protrude 36" won't allow good access to sink.

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Lee676, maybe I load my machines differently, but at least one my machines has always been in a corner, and it has never been a problem. I have never needed to open the door beyond 90 degrees.

However, I do think that this is a situation where stacking the washer and dryer might be advantageous. This would give you the option of leaving the sink in its current position, which would provide you with a nice long stretch of counter for folding, or moving it to the back wall if you so desired.

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It's probably too late for this comment, but you might also be able to restructure the wall inside the closet and laundry room to put the duct work inside both rooms. This way you'd lose less space in the laundry, possibly allow for better access to the sink in the location as drawn.

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