Best Lighting for an odd situation.

FyniteMay 20, 2013

Our kitchen cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling, and we hate the idea of having dust traps up there just growing baby dustbunnies. Our GC for our redecorating had the nifty idea to build a paper lantern type enclosure that would go above the cabinet, and would have a light inside, to give a pretty effect and keep the dust under control.

I have power up there, that I can tap for either a direct wire device or I can slap a outlet box on it and get a plug in device, but what I am having trouble figuring out is what is the best light to use for a situation where I want to get a horizontal fan o 180 degree (or more) of light.

The enclosure itself is 35" across the front, 30" on each side, and the back is the wall (which I don't need lit) it is 11" tall. I just need it bright enough to glow. It currently shares a switch with a wall sconce with an 800 lumen cree bulb, though I'm thinking of switching that switch to a double switch so that the light up top can basically run seperately as a nightlight.

I had considered simply running conduit to a flat box on the wall and putting a bare bulb socket on the box, and putting a 40 watt equivalent bulb in the socket. But I'm not sure if there is something better.

What I really don't want to do is ever have to change that lightbulb if I have to. Also, anything that has to be recessed is a non starter. The wall behind the lighting fixture is solid stacked 2 x 4s at that point, and I obviously don't want to lose cabinet space by recessing something down into the cabinet.

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How about using a solid Apollo or eW led strips to provide accent lighting?

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